Car Donation Wizard Review

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Car Donation Wizard Review
Used-car donations are common, and charities increasingly depend on them for their funding. Most donations aren’t directly made to charities, though. Only some charities are equipped to accept used cars and sell them, though. Most people who wish to give their cars away use for-profit donation agencies. These businesses are equipped to accept used cars, sell them, and give charities what they make off each sale, after they retain a fee for their efforts. By some estimates, between 75% and 90% of all car donations go through such agencies.

Car donation agencies, though, are often notorious for the inefficient way in which they operate. Many spend so heavily on advertising that they need to take a very large fee out of the proceeds of each sale, just to stay afloat. Others are poorly run in other ways. They offer poor service to donors, and are irresponsible in the way they sell the cars that people donate, often indulging in false advertising for better profit. It takes some research to find a well-run car donation agency.

Advanced Remarketing Services (

Advanced Remarketing Services is a company that deals in the sale and purchase of junked cars. With their expertise in hauling away old cars, they are a good fit for the donations sector. Their Car Donation Wizard department is one of the most popular names in car donations.

Advanced Remarketing Services is BBB rated A+

Advanced Remarketing Services, Car Donation Wizard’s parent company, has an excellent A+ rating on BBB. Consumer reviews on the BBB site speak of the company’s punctual service, responsive consumer desk and fair dealing in general.

A potential customer might take the superior BBB rating for ARS to mean that all its subsidiaries are well-run. Many businesses are able to run some subsidiaries well, while neglecting others entirely, though. Fortunately, in the case of ARS, its positive BBB reputation extends to its car donations business, as well.

Car Donation Wizard’s site is informative

Most car donation agencies post little information on their websites on the important question of how much of the proceeds of each sale they manage to give to charities. Considering that many agencies manage to only give a tiny fraction of the value of each donation processed to the charities that they are meant for, it’s an important question.

Car Donation Wizard’s informative FAQs page, though, speaks of their ability to work so efficiently, they need to accept no more than 25% of the gross price of each car processed. The rest directly goes to charity.

Title transfers are efficiently handled

One of the main areas of worry that car donors tend to have about giving their cars away is the thought that their car could pass to new hands, and get involved in an accident. Then, if their name is still on the records, the police could come looking for them. Car Donation Wizard excels in this area — title transfers are quickly put through.

Your tax deduction will easily go through

Car Donation Wizard works with non-profit organizations that offer IRS tax deductions. The company is able to sell your car, transfer title, obtain a receipt for the value of the charitable contribution, and let you get an IRS deduction. It’s a painless process.

Using Car Donation Wizard is a good idea

Some charities do directly accept cars as donations. If your charity of choice isn’t among them, though, Car Donation Wizard should be at the top of the list of options. With an A+ rating on BBB, the ability to process most kinds of vehicle and low overheads, it’s a dependable option.

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