VIDEO: Car Crashes Into Truck On The Expressway

Car Crashes Into Truck

As far as car crash videos go, this is a pretty terrifying one. How many times have you made quick lane changes because you almost missed your exit? Have you ever even done that once? You might think twice about doing that again after watching this…

The Aftermath

Below is an image of the vehicle after the crash. As expected, there isn’t a whole lot left. This is the best image I have been able to find so far.

The Analysis

There’s actually a longer version of this video but I am not able to embed it. The original video I saw started about 2 minutes earlier. What amazed me is how well traffic was moving before the crash. Everyone seemed to be traveling at reasonable speeds, people were passing and using the correct lanes (slower traffic to the right, faster traffic to the left), and as a former truck driver, I would have just been cruising along without seeing too many hazards. But oh how quickly things can change.

At the 10 second mark, the blue car comes into view in the far left lane (lane 1). The driver of this vehicle is passing a tractor trailer truck in the middle lane (lane 2) and that truck is passing another tractor trailer which is in the right lane (lane 3). The blue vehicle in lane 1 has the right turn indicator illuminated as it enters the frame and begins moving towards lane 2.

Around the 11 second mark, a key error is made. As is seen in the newly opened exit lane (lane 4), a traffic back up is visible. Before moving towards that lane, the driver of the blue vehicle should have been looking far enough down the road to notice the backup. However, since so many lane changes were being made in such a short period of time, the driver was likely watching the side and rear-view mirrors instead of looking down the road. In addition, multiple tractor trailers was obstructing the drivers view of lane 4.

By the 14 second mark, the unfortunate fate of the driver was sealed. The view of lane 4 was completely blocked due to the close following distance behind the yellow tractor trailer. As the driver continued into lane 4, the inevitable occurred.

Could The Truck Driver Have Done Anything Different?

The truck which struck the blue car after the initial collision occurred was obviously not at fault, but there is always room for analysis. The driver of the tractor trailer did not leave any “exit path” in case of an emergency situation. The traffic backup in lane 4 was visible in the frame as the blue vehicle was rapidly changing lanes. Even if the driver of the tractor trailer had increased the following distance, it still probably would not have made much of a difference. Even a quick lane change, if available, would have been very risky due to the threat of rolling the truck over.

UPDATE: Condition Of The Driver

In short, she is alive. The driver of the blue vehicle was sent to the hospital in critical condition with 2 broken cervical vertebras, which basically means she broke her neck. After spending some time in a coma, she is now recovering. So far, I have not been able to determine the condition of the truck driver.

So, what do you think? Could this accident have been avoided? If so, how? Speak your mind in the comment section below

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