Which Car Camera Is Best?

Which Car Camera Is Best?

Naturally, before investing in a car camera, you’ll want to find the best one. Advancements in car camera technology have been something of both a blessing and a curse when it comes to choosing the best option, as there are a really great number of excellent car cameras out on the market right now, making choosing a single “best” something of an impossibility. One person may label something small and simple as the best, while another prefers a larger car camera with plenty of bells and whistles, but what it all boils down to is choosing the right camera for you, your car, and your needs.

There are several reasons why a person may decide to install a car camera in their vehicle. They could be going on a cross-country road trip and have big plans for making something creative out of their footage, they could be looking out for their vehicle while parked in high traffic or high vandalism areas, they could have the goal of saving themselves from cases of insurance fraud or liability in accidents, or they could want a little of everything out of their cam. Before choosing the best car camera for you, first decide just what you want out of your device, and what you plan to use it for.

What To Look For In A Great Car Camera

Which Car Camera Is Best?There are a few things that, no matter the use, all great cams will have in common. Some of these specs include:

  • Warranty – Even in the best car camera, sometimes things can go wrong or users will require assistance in working their cam. One thing to look for is some type of warranty and customer support that ensures your cam will remain in working order and you’ll have the help you need should you require any operational assistance.

  • Wide angles – The best cams boast wide angles that capture footage across a nice area of road. Some cams even use a front and rear angle to capture goings on in front of and behind the vehicle like the KDLINKS DX2 Dash Cam, which covers 165 degrees in the front, and 125 degrees in the back.

  • Automatic low-light adjustment – You don’t want your car camera only working to pick up usable footage for half of the day, so you’ll want to look for something that offers automatic low-light adjustment and suitable night vision. The Rexing S300 Dash Cam uses a superior f2.4 six glass lens and WDR system to pick up excellent footage regardless of light levels.

  • Automatic recording – A car camera that records automatically when the car begins moving or when it detects collision, and locks this recording into the memory system, will ensure that you always get just the footage you need even when you may not be prioritizing footage in your thoughts.

The Top 3 Car Cameras For Different Uses

Now that you know the specs you’ll need, and you’ve determined what type of use you want out of your car camera, it’s time to look at a few top options. The top 3 car cameras for different uses are:

1. Small and stealthy

If you’re looking for a car camera that will take care of you in instances of fraud, vandalism, or accident liability, you’ll want something small and stealthy. The HiCool P3 Dash Cam is easily installed in small or large cars using a concealed windshield mount, and the shape keeps it not easily seen by those outside. The WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range, automatically adjusts the exposure on the car camera to allow it to shoot clear video whether in high or low light situations. A G-sensor provides automatic accident detection and footage locking, and the camera begins rolling as soon as it detects movement. The HiCool P3 detects a wide 170 degree angle of footage.

2. Large and powerful

For those who want a car camera to take with them on a road trip, you may not place such a high priority on stealth or small size. Instead, you’ll want to look more into the storage capabilities and seamless recording. The ThinkWare X500D Dashcam has such common benefits as wide front and rear angles and an automatic start, but it also has such road trip friendly specs as a 32GB micro SD card and a built-in GPS tracker. The 32GB storage capability ensures that around 8 to 10 hours of seamless footage can be captured at once, while the GPS tracker places pieces of your footage on the map for simple tracking.

3. A little bit of everything

If you’re looking for a car camera that offers a little bit of it all, and you plan to use it for a multitude of purposes, you’ll want to find something that has power, stealth, good storage capabilities, a GPS, wide angles, and superior function in low-light conditions. The Falcon Zero F170HD+ GPS Dash Cam is small and stealthy, uses a 32GB micro SD card, captures a super wide 170 degree recording angle, uses an f.2.0 six glass lens with night vision, GPS, and speed capturing. Whether you’re taking a road trip across the country, or keeping yourself and your vehicle protected, the Falcon Zero takes care of it all.

While there is no definitive “best” car camera, there is actually better. Rather than one single star in the car camera category, we’re treated to a whole host of excellent devices perfectly suited to a cross-country trip in a moving van, or a trip across town in a sports car. Whether you’re prioritizing stealth and protection, or the fun of the wide open road, there is a car camera out there for you to ensure you’re capturing just the footage you want. To make sure you’re investing in a camera that works best for you, first determine your usage and what you expect to get out of your chosen device, and base your purchasing decision on these simple factors. What you’ll receive is a modern car camera that satisfies with the best that today’s tech has to offer.

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