Camera For Car Comparisons And Reviews Of The Top Brands

Camera For Car Comparisons And Reviews Of The Top Brands

If you’re trying to compare dash cams, a great place to start is with the top brands. Unfortunately, most people don’t know who the top brands are because most dash cameras are made by companies most are not familiar with. That’s why we decided to create these camera for car comparisons. When a brand is known to make a quality product, it’s much easier to make an informed decision, so we’ve decided to list some of the brands that are known in the dash cam industry to make superior products.


KDLINKS makes some of the best camera for car options on the market today, and these high-end dash cameras come with a plethora of different features to suit the needs of different drivers and their tastes. 3 of the top KDLINKS camera for car options out for 2017 are:



The KDLINKS X1 is a camera for car unit with a ton of special features. Full HD video is taken of the road ahead using a sweeping 165 degree viewing angle, and a slim design encompasses the sizable 2.7” LCD screen. For night vision capabilities, the KDLINKS X1 also uses WDR technology, which automatically adjusts for different lighting situations from night vision to the brightness of the middle of a sunny day. For those looking for a GPS, the X1 also suits this need with a built in model that works with Google Maps to track your speed, direction, and route as well as geo-tag any accident footage.

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The DX2 has one very important feature the X1 does not, and that’s a 2 lens system. 2 lens systems work to protect the vehicle from both front and back angles, eliminating blind spots and ensuring the car is protected from all sides. This camera for car is ideal for vehicles of all sizes, and particularly those that may be a bit too big to be adequately suited for the front-only models. A 165 degree angle is covered in the front, and a 125 degree angle is covered in the back, leaving you with a full 290 degrees of protection. Like the X1, the DX2 has been texted in extreme environments, features G sensor technology to immediately lock in accident footage, and has superior night vision using WDR.

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The KDLINKS R100 is another advancement on the DX2 and the X1, as this camera for car also features a parking mode. With dual lenses, a G sensor, WDR technology ,and stealth, the addition of parking mode makes this the ideal camera for car for those who don’t prioritize GPS features, but want a whole lot else out of their dash camera investment. Parking mode allows you to keep watch on your vehicle while parked, and ensure it remains safe whether you’re parking on the street, in a parking garage, in the lot, or even in your own driveway.

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Falcon Zero

Another top camera for car brand is Falcon Zero, and like KDLINKS, this maker offers quite a few different camera for car options at different price points and with different features that drivers can enjoy. The top 3 Falcon Zero models for this year include:

1. Falcon Zero F170 HD+ GPS

Falcon Zero

The Falcon Zero F170 HD+ GPS dash cam is simple, easy to use, and convenient, while equipped with GPS technology that geo-tags any footage as well as tells you where to go. The camera for car begins recording as soon as vehicle motion is detected, so you can rest assured that your camera is always working just when you need it to. For night vision, the Falcon Zero F170 uses WDR technology to automatically adjust the footage to suit different light conditions, so you’re protected whether you’re in an accident day or night.

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2. Falcon Zero F360+ HD

Falcon Zero F360+

A rear view mirror LCD screen and rotating lens make the Falcon Zero 360+ HD something particularly special. Interior shot capabilities make this the perfect camera for car option for those who drive professionally, such as for services like Uber or Lyft, as you can always keep an eye on what’s going on either inside or outside of the vehicle for insurance purposes. A built in speaker and microphone function not only allows you to capture video from the inside, but quality audio as well.

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3. Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD

Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD Dash Cam

For the driver who wants it all, Falcon Zero has you covered with the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD camera for car. This model comes with 2 docking systems, making use in 2 different vehicles simple, so multi-car families can be protected no matter who is behind the wheel in a matter of seconds. For those who want parking surveillance, this model offers 24/7 parking surveillance as well as anti-drain battery technology that ensures your camera for car will be recording when you need it the most. This parking surveillance feature turns the camera on when motion is detected within a short distance of the vehicle. Mounting the Falcon Zero Touch Pro HD also only takes seconds, and there is no need to fiddle with a difficult or complex mounting system. With a 32 GB SD card, the Falcon Zero is ready to use right from the box.

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Camera For Car Comparisons And Reviews Of The Top Brands With both KDLINKS and Falcon Zero, you can see what these top camera for car brands have to offer with their multitude of different units and technologies. Whether you want something simple and user friendly as your very first car camera investment, or you’re ready for a camera that is a bit higher tech, both of these brands have you covered with several options with different features you can choose from to ensure you have your perfect car camera unit. Both KDLINKS and Falcon Zero also offer customer support and warranty coverage, so you can rest assured that you’ll master even the most complex camera for car they have, and be satisfied every step along the way.

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