What Is The Best Comedy Based Traffic School?

What Is The Best Comedy Based Traffic School

Traffic school is BORING! Perhaps it is the word school, or maybe the subject is just too boring. Either way, no individual wants to have to go to traffic school.

The mere thought of listening to a boring teacher, lecturing about boring material, is almost unbearable. It is enough to put even a traffic school enthusiast to sleep.

Finding ways to spice up traffic school can be the difference between having an enjoyable experience, or falling asleep and failing.

Maybe I am being a little over the top, but why not allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy traffic school, at least a little?

One of the most effective ways of retaining this valuable information, is through laughter.

Certain traffic schools have devoted their time, and efforts, to make sure that your valuable time is not wasted.

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Why Laughter is the Best Tool for Learning

You’ve probably heard about dopamine. It’s a neurotransmitter that is activated when you laugh or if you find something humorous (even if you don’t laugh).

When you find something hilarious, your brain’s dopamine reward system is activated. This stimulates the areas of your brain that are responsible for long-term memory and goal-oriented motivation. When these areas are stimulated, your brain remembers the information it receives better.

To put it simply, laughter improves your brain’s ability to retain information, so you’ll be able to remember more of what you are learning if you are having fun. It works the same with your other memories. Think about it, aren’t your memories clearer when you try to remember something fun from your past? 

Driving schools that incorporate comedy in their learning resources probably did a lot of research to learn the science behind this. They’ve developed materials that use humor to activate that sense of wonder in anyone taking the course, teens and adults alike.

So if I were you, I’d rather take a traffic school that features comedic relief. I want to have fun as much as I want to learn. And knowing that laughter increases memory retention is another reason to convince me that I’m making the right choice.

If you agree with me, read below because I’ve listed down well-known schools that offer comedy courses for you to choose from.

Finding A Traffic School Featuring Comedic Relief

Finding a traffic school that features comedic relief is not easy – you want to be sure that the school’s humor matches yours. Otherwise, you won’t find the lessons to be funny even if it intends to make you laugh. We do have a different sense of humor after all.

So here are some comedy traffic schools worth looking into – take your pick!

Comedy Traffic School

This company is licensed by the State of California, so all counties within California’s borders are covered. The school offers a no pass, no pay policy. In other words, you can take the course for free, but they will not send your certificate electronically until you pay. They claim to have the best comedic sources on the web, known comedians, and other amazing sources for your viewing pleasure.

There are many questions on the company’s home page. Comedy Traffic School is designed with the motorist in mind. They conveniently send your forms electronically to the DMV, and to your court. After successful completion of the course, one can even request a hard copy of the certificate. Fast, quick, fun, and convenient, Comedy Traffic School may be the solution for you.

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School is licensed by multiple DMV’s, courts, and other government agencies. They give interested parties an opportunity to view state specific guidelines on their website. They claim that you can learn on your own time, from any device. It would seem as if convenience is king for this school.

Their site states that one can get their certificate in 30 minutes. This is perfect for those of us who like to wait till the very last minute to do something. They make a dreary situation fun and exciting. Without laughter, where would our lives be? Smiles brighten our days, and laughter warms our soul. Improv Traffic School can be a perfect alternative for individuals looking to break free from boredom.

Comedy Driving, Inc.

Comedy Driving, Inc. is licensed in the State of Texas. They have online defensive driving courses that are state approved, but they also have locations all around the Houston, Texas area. The flexible schedule that they allow, and the comedic animations of the online course make this school worth looking at if you are located in the area.

All of the above companies have one thing in common. They know that laughter is the best medicine, and that it is a brilliant learning tool. Students laugh, students learn, and students have fun when participating with all of these schools. A word of advice would be to make sure that whatever school that you choose is licensed, accredited, and capable of meeting all of your needs.

Arizona Comedy Traffic School

This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The school is based out of Phoenix, but they provide services in different locals, around Arizona. Online courses are available, and the company claims to have Arizona’s first online DDS video classroom. Making people laugh will always be one of the joys in life, and this school allows Arizona residents the opportunity to laugh, and learn.

Laughter, fun, and comedy are all recurring themes for one reason, they allow people to feel the joys of life. Life would be dreary, like an old black and white horror film, if the above mentioned aspects were not present. The small things are often the ones that count. Traffic school may not seem like the biggest deal, however, it really is.

For whatever reason, people search out traffic schools on a daily basis. Most schools offer the same old song and dance. Read these boring questions, watch these boring videos, and eventually, if you are still awake, you will earn your certificate. There is no reason to deprive yourself. Allow a comedy traffic school to brighten your dreary situation.

Life Is Short, Have Fun Whenever Possible

School usually is not remembered for being fun, however, neither is life. Life is hard, and at times, can even seem boring. However, how many times has a comedian made you laugh out loud at the television?

Everyone else in the room stops and stares, while you snort uncontrollably at the comedic genius. Those moments can be somewhat awkward, but regardless of how awkward, they are memorable. Those memories can last a person a lifetime.

If you love to have fun, but your time is also very valuable, then a comedic style traffic school could be perfect for you. They open up the whole idea of school to a completely new set of rules. School becomes fun, and students learn at the same time.

These types of schools appeal to individuals from all walks of life, and they provide a valuable service to the community.

As a whole, society tends to remember either great tragedies or brilliant comedies. Looking for the good things in life is better than reminiscing about the bad. 

So, go make some memories worth remembering at a traffic school that specializes in comedy.

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