Beltronics Vector 995 Review

Beltronics Vector 995 Radar Detector

Beltronics Vector 995 Review
A good radar detector can make the difference between paying a fine for speeding and continuing on your way without parting with some of your hard-earned money. Speeding is a traffic violation that occurs on a daily basis. The vast majority of us are guilty of speeding at one point in time.

For some of us, lost concentration is the root cause of speeding tickets. We get lost in the music we’re listening to, focus too much on the vehicles around us on the road, or get distracted by conversations or arguments taking place in the backseat.

On the other hand, there are those drivers who speed on purpose. They either don’t care what the speed limit is or are running late for work and want to make up the time. Whatever the reason is for speeding, the police will issue you a citation regardless. With a radar detector on your windshield, you could have avoided some of these speeding tickets by receiving an alert that radar and laser signals were active in your area.

If you don’t wish to waste your time researching all the facts and figures on the various devices available, we don’t blame you. It’s our job to do that legwork for you, and we take pride in offering consumers with concise details about the features, pros, and cons of various devices. In this post, we’ve sifted through information from other consumers and reviewers to provide you with a clear review of the Beltronics Vector 995 (V995).

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Pros of the Beltronics Vector 995

The Beltronics Vector 995 offers full-band protection against X, K, Ka, and Ku radar, as well as laser detection and Safety Warning System (SWS) alerts. The V995 is powered by a front and rear laser-detection technology, digital signal processing, and an AutoScan mode that help make it one of the most reliable devices available today.

Vector 995’s front and rear laser-detection technology helps the device identify signals that originate ahead of your vehicle on the road, as well as behind it. Digital processing technology allows the device to increase its effective range and reduce the number of false alerts through the use of multiple laser sensors. This radar detector also comes with VG-2 radar detector cloaking which prevents it from being identified by law-enforcement detectors.

The performance of the V995 is further enhanced by its AutoScan mode. This new feature helps boost the long-range detection capability of the detector, while also minimizing false alarms. With AutoScan, your Beltronics Vector 995 uses an internal computer that continuously analyzes incoming signals and works to filter out false alarms.

Additional features of the V995 include a Smart Plug, voice alerts, and ultra-bright LED display. The Smart Plug has a handy mute button that allows you to mute incoming alerts without having to reach forward on the dash to the device itself. Voice alerts help you keep your focus on the road, while the LED display ensures that you’ll be able to view your incoming alerts regardless of visual conditions.

Pros of the Beltronics Vector 995

The V995’s ability to minimize and nearly eliminate false alarms, in urban areas, in particular, earns it high praise. Reviewers and consumers alike have noted the remarkably quiet operation of this device in urban areas. AutoScan plays a big role in this performance, as its intelligent filtering proved successful in minimizing chatter from false alarms in signal-dense areas. Additionally, the three-layered City mode helps enhance the ability to prevent false alerts. The available City modes (City, City LoX, City NoX) offer increasingly stringent detection of X-band signals. Garage door openers are particularly annoying in urban areas as most homes have them, and all of them operate on X-band signals.

Beltronics does an excellent job of using voice alerts that can actually be heard without struggle. There are countless radar detectors that offer voice alerts, but many fail to offer volume control sufficient enough to overcome moderate music levels or the general noise of traffic as you drive. The V995 excels in this area and leaves most drivers impressed. It is also worth noting that the tonal and visual alerts offer a reliable fail safe in the event you cannot hear the voice alerts, with many users stating that the display is visible under all lighting conditions.

Last, and most important, is the performance of the Beltronics Vector 995. Unlike other detectors that make grandiose promises and fail to deliver, the V995 deserves high marks for its performance. Reviewers and average consumers alike report impressive detection ranges from the V995 that stretch out as far as five miles in some topographical conditions.

Cons of the Beltronics Vector 995

No device is perfect, and the Beltronics V995 radar detector is not without a few flaws. The majority of complaints with the V995 seem confined to design issues and extra features, not the primary functions of the device. The Smart Plug proved annoying, if not useless altogether, to too many drivers. While it provides alerts via an indicator light, most cigarette lighters and 12V outlets are located out of visual range. This renders the visual alerts on the plug useless.

Additionally, it is easier in some cases (based upon outlet location) to simply push the mute button on the device itself. The Smart Plug is a good idea that was poorly integrated given the interior configuration of many automobiles. Most consumers expressed a preference to save money with a simple cord rather than be forced to pay more for the Smart Plug.

Some consumers have also complained about the window mount for the Beltronics V995. The size and weight of the unit, or perhaps the strength of the mount attachments, result in a weak connection. Many people are forced to deal with a radar detector that falls off the mount every time they brake or accelerate. Lastly, the casing for the V995 causes reflections in sunny conditions and creates a dangerous distraction to the driver as a result.

The Beltronics Vector 995 can detect POP Mode radar. However, it ships with the POP Mode feature turned off. The reason being: When POP Mode is on, the signal-processing time is significantly shortened, which may inevitably lead to frequent false alerts. Even if you’re from an area where POP Mode rada is common, you may want to consider leaving this feature off.


Most cruisers are equipped with a Spectre RDD radar detector which can spot the Beltronics Vector 995 from up to 1,163 away. 

Lastly, the casing for the V995 causes reflections in sunny conditions and creates a dangerous distraction to the driver as a result.

Beltronics Vector 995 vs Escort Passport 8500 x 50

One of the Beltronics Vector 995’s closest competitors is the Escort Passport 8500 x 50. The Escort has a slightly smaller build than the Vector 995 (the 995 is 0.125 inches wider than the Escort) which made it the preferred radar detector of motorcyclists and other drivers. 

Despite this obvious difference in size, both Vector 995 and Escort use the same platform. Meaning when you take everything apart, the two devices are completely identical under the skin. 

What makes Beltronics Vector 995 a better choice, however, is that it has a voice alert. This takes away the risk of drivers getting into a crash due to the distraction that looking at the LED display can cause. 

Honest Assessment of the Beltronics Vector 995

Aside from the annoyances mentioned in the cons, the V995 is one of the best performers available today. It has a proven track record for providing long-range detection and comes with additional settings that allow you to improve its performance based upon your surroundings. The Beltronics Vector 995 is a good buy for anyone looking for moderate features with top-of-the-line performance.

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