Arizona Driver’s License Renewal (A Complete 2022 Guide)

Arizona Driver’s License Renewal

When it comes to driver’s license renewal in Arizona, it is different than most state laws. 

What we mean is that the first renewal period is when you turn 65!

Now, if you’re about to turn 65, you probably have a lot of other things to think about. 

So to make it easier for you, we’re going to give you a complete 2022 guide on Arizona driver’s license renewal.

We’ll list down all the steps, so you’ll know exactly how, when, and what to do. 

Let’s get started!

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Arizona

Before anything else, let’s cover a couple of things.

First, just because your license doesn’t expire until you’re 65 doesn’t mean you’ll never have to appear at the MVD until then. 

You need to update your driver’s license photo every 12 years. If you don’t, your license remains valid. However, you may not be able to take advantage of some driver’s license services. 

Next, there was a time when only in-person renewals were allowed. Today, Arizona offers several options – in-person, online, or through the mail. 

Lastly, you don’t have to wait until the last minute. You can renew your license 6 months before it expires.

With all that out of the way, let’s see the different ways to renew your driver’s license in Arizona.

Renewing Your License In Person

If you’re taking the traditional route, follow these steps:

  1. Activate your AZ MVD account and check if there’s anything on your record that may result in delaying your license renewal, such as outstanding fees. If there are, make sure you take care of these first.
  1. Prepare the following documents:
  • Your current driver’s license (this will be your primary ID)
  • A secondary ID (either a bank or credit card or your Social Security card).
  • A doctor’s statement regarding any medical condition you want your license to show.
  1. Go to your local MVD office or an authorized third-party provider. If you’re opting for the latter, you can find a complete list of authorized parties here.
  1. Pass the vision test. You can skip this if you bring a report from a licensed optometrist.
  1. Pass the road test IF required. You may need to complete it if any of these situations apply:
  • You have violations on your driving record, such as at-fault accidents or license suspensions.
  • You have mental or physical conditions that may impact your ability to drive.
  • Another driver filed an unsafe driver claim against you.
  1. Have your new photo taken.
  1. Pay the $10 renewal fee.
  1. Get your temporary paper license valid for 30 days. You can expect to receive the real one via mail within the same timeframe.

Renewing Your License Online

Many 65-year-olds would rather stay at home than go to an MVD office. We can understand. 

Thankfully, since 2021, you can now complete the whole process without leaving your home! 

Arizona wanted to ensure its older residents remained safe, especially with the ongoing pandemic at that time.  

If you want to renew your license this way, you should do the following:

  1. Log in or activate your account at 
  1. In the “My Credentials” section, you’ll see an option to “Renew Now”. Click on that.
  1. Follow the instructions and provide all the necessary information.
  1. Receive your new Arizona driver’s license in around 15 days via mail.

As simple and convenient as that!

 Renewing Your License Via Mail

Renewal through the mail is only possible for active military members stationed outside Arizona.

If that fits the bill, these are the steps to renew your driver’s license: 

1.     Gather the necessary documents:

o   A notarized driver’s license application

o   A photocopy of your current license (front and back)

o   A photocopy of your military ID

o   A check or money order of $10

2.     Send it to the following address:

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 2100

MD 510

Phoenix, AZ 85001

It’s best to notify the MVD if you’re on active military duty. This way, you’ll get an automatic extension. You won’t need to renew your driver’s license until 6 months after discharge.

If you aren’t in Arizona when your license expires, you can request an extension through mail. You’ll need to send a letter requesting it and pay the fee. It costs $5, and you can pay by cash, card, money order, or check.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some questions, then check out our FAQs section below. 

When does your driver’s license expire in Arizona? 

Your Arizona driver’s license expires on your 65th birthday. After that, you’ll have to renew your license every 5 years.

However, it doesn’t mean you don’t return to the MVD before then. Drivers in Arizona need to have their photos updated every 12 years. 

Why does the Arizona driver’s license expire at 65?

Among all the states, Arizona has the lengthiest renewal period. Lawmakers from decades past made this decision.

Even if you consider the photo ID update requirement a mini-renewal, it’s still longer than other states. 

As for the reason why, although the state can earn more revenue with a shorter renewal period, it may result in a net loss once they include their expenses in the computation.

Doug Nick, the spokesperson for the Arizona MVD, said that the licensing process is expensive. So instead of spending for renewals, they focus more on ensuring the MVD offices are staffed and creating secured IDs.

On top of that, the AZ DOT states that it is “a more realistic view of a capable driving age.”

Is there a grace period for an expired driver’s license in Arizona?

You must renew your driver’s license as soon as possible because there is no grace period once it expires.

Drivers using an expired license may receive a class 2 misdemeanor charge. 

Even if you can talk to the judge handling your case and the state doesn’t pursue the charges, you’ll still need to pay a $120 fine.

Wrapping It Up

So that is how to renew your driver’s license in Arizona. 

When your 65th birthday is coming around, you know exactly what you need to do to renew your driver’s license. 

And the great news is that you can now renew it online! You won’t have to go anywhere!

As for those who aren’t 56 yet, remember that you have to update your photo every 12 years. That requires you to go to an MVD office — there’s no getting around that.

The renewal process for your Arizona driver’s license isn’t complicated. You’ll get through it without much trouble.

Good luck!

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