A Comparison Of The Best Windshield Camera Systems

A Comparison Of The Best Windshield Camera Systems

If you’ve decided that a windshield camera is for you, you’re probably at that stage now where you’re comparing and contrasting, looking for the very best one for you and your needs. In the world of dash cameras, there are two different types of mounting systems to consider – a windshield camera and a dashboard mount – and we’re going to focus on the former to determine the very best windshield camera for your needs.

In terms of windshield cameras, size is a really important thing to consider, as your camera will be mounted within eye view while taking up some space on your windshield. Because of this, you should always consider the size of your camera as it compares to the size of your windshield, and smaller vehicles should take a stealthier approach due to the smaller surface area allowed. Larger vehicles with larger windshields, like vans or trucks, can often use a larger windshield camera with an LCD display due to the larger amount of space allowed. You don’t want your windshield camera taking away from your driving safety, but adding to it, so keeping size appropriate to your vehicle is important.

The HiCool P3 Dash Cam Vs The Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

Two stealthy and small windshield camera systems go head to head with the HiCoolP3 Dash Cam versus the Pruveeo F5 Dash cam. Each of these dash cams can be mounted to the windshield without taking up much space at all, and they work well in smaller vehicles or vehicles simply looking for a stealthier and less openly visible option. With one option less than $100, and the other less than $50, they’re also two of the most affordable windshield camera systems on the market for what they offer.

Starting with the HiCool P3 Dash Cam, this cam costs around $99.99, and offers quite a bit in a small package. The small triangle design of the windshield camera is accented by soft edges to make handling comfortable and easy, while being engineered to be minimally visible to drivers and passersby. The HiCool P3 offers a 170 degree viewing angle to provide sweeping road footage, as well as WDR, or Wide Dynamic Range, to ensure that footage captured in high or low light remains crystal clear and easy to see. Loop recording begins the dash camera’s footage taking as soon as movement is detected, and a G sensor locks in relevant footage if any sort of accident force is detected. With the HiCool P3 cam, you never need to worry about losing your footage to overwrites or less than perfect lighting.

The Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam retails at around $36, meaning it’s highly affordable. The angle views the windshield camera provides are at 140 degrees wide, providing suitable road views and capable footage covering what you need covered. Loop recording begins right when your vehicle begins to move, so you never need to worry about making sure your camera has started. One unique offering of the Pruveeo F5 is its IOS and Android app capability, which allows you to download and view footage in real time right on your phone. This means that you won’t need to worry about figuring out another viewing system, as long as you know your phone and your app.

To compare the two stealthy and affordable windshield camera systems, the HiCool P3 offers a G sensor, wider viewing angles, and WDR technology, which means it will be able to capture more sweeping road views and better footage in poor lighting conditions when compared to the Pruveeo F5. What the F5 brings to the table, however, is a very reasonable price for a beginner windshield camera user, an incredibly stealthy design, and convenient app support to allow you to view footage right away from the palm of your hand. In terms of warranty and guarantees, the two windshield camera systems have similar offerings, with after-sale services offered as well as a satisfaction guarantee. The hardware of the HiCool P3 is guaranteed for 1 year post-purchase.

The KDLINKS X1 Full HD With GPS Dash Cam VS The Itrue X3 Dash Cam

Both the KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS Dash Cam and the Itrue X3 Dash Cam are larger LCD screen windshield camera systems that provide footage you can see right away, but a larger and less stealthy design. Best for larger vehicles with windshields that can accommodate such a design, these simple to use windshield camera systems are perfect for the beginner, the truck owner, and those who aren’t easily distracted by a larger windshield mount. Priced at just under $170 and $110, respectively, these two larger model windshield camera systems have a lot to offer.

The KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS Dash Cam is full of bells and whistles. Covering a 165 degree wide viewing angle, the camera captures full HD video that is displayed right on the inside facing HD LCD screen. WDR technology allows the camera to take superior night vision shots, automatically adjusting for different light conditions, and an f 1.6 six glass lens ensures crystal clear video. Automatic accident detection locks in video footage automatically should impact be detected, loop video recording starts your recording as you begin moving, and the GPS records built in location data to go along with your footage clips. The KDLINKS X1 is a perfect windshield camera for those who live in more extreme climates, withstanding temperatures ranging from 170 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Itrue X3 Dash Cam is the more affordable option at just under $110, and it offers plenty to the modern dash cam user looking for a larger unit. With wider angles than the KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS Dash Cam, the Itrue X3 actually captures 170 degree views of the road compared to the former’s 165. Full HD video recording is shown on the unit’s HD LCD screen, and loop capabilities make sure your dash cam starts moving when you do. Like the KDLINKS, the Itrue also offers WDR night vision and a 6 layer glass lens.

Where the KDLINKS really makes up the price difference between these 2 larger cams is the GPS capabilities, which the Itrue does not offer. If GPS isn’t something important to you, however, both windshield camera systems have very similar offerings, with the Itrue bringing better angle capabilities.

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