7 Things You’re Likely Doing That Can Destroy Your Car

Destroying Your Car

A car is an almost indispensable asset, and you probably try to take good care of it. But, did you know you might be doing things every day that can shorten your car’s lifespan by years? Here are 7 ways you could be slowly destroying your car without realizing it.

1. Revving the Engine To Warm The Car Up

A lot of drivers think that the car will warm up faster if they repeatedly rev the engine. This is a misconception. It doesn’t work and is not good for your engine at all. Instead of revving the engine, let your car sit idling for a few minutes to warm it up gradually.

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2. Overusing the Brakes

Constantly using the brakes can cause them to wear out and deteriorate much faster. Some drivers have the very bad habit of “riding” their breaks – driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake to decelerate. Not only is this bad for your brakes, but it’s also dangerous. Ease up on the gas pedal, only using the brakes when absolutely necessary.

VIDEO: How To Properly Use Your Breaks


3. Speeding Over Potholes and Bumps

Driving at full speed over potholes and bumps can be extremely hard on your car’s undercarriage and suspension. Don’t be in such a hurry! Slowing down can save you a ton in repair bills down the road.

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4. Never Filling the Gas Tank To Full

Because the price of gas is so high, it might seem logical to put as little as possible in the tank at a time. However, driving around with very little fuel in your tank can lead to clogged filters and engine damage. Always fill your tank at least halfway every time you gas up.

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5. Rapidly Stopping and Starting

Although this might be unavoidable in rush hour traffic, rapidly stopping and starting your car day after day puts excess pressure on your brakes and rotors. It also increases the amount of fuel you burn. As much as possible, try to plan your commute so you will avoid the rush hour insanity, or download a traffic app that can redirect you to a less congested route.

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6. Driving with Over or Under-Inflated Tires

Tires that are not properly inflated increase the amount of friction and pressure that’s exerted. This can cause your tires to wear much faster, lose their tread, or even blow out. There is a risk to of damaging the rims on your car’s wheels. Check your tire pressure levels frequently with a pressure gauge.

VIDEO: Proper Tire Inflation

7. Ignoring Routine Maintenance

You know you should do routine maintenance such as changing fluids, rotating the tires, getting an inspection. Sadly though, it can be easy to forget. Always follow the directions in your car’s manual, performing the necessary maintenance regularly to keep your car running smoothly.

If you’re stuck in any of these car damaging habits, now is the time to stop, and save your car from further damage. Taking good care of your car every day will ensure it stays on the road for years to come.

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