3 Ways To Easily Pass Any Online Traffic School (Life Hacks)

Pass Online Traffic School

What’s worse? Receiving a traffic ticket or having to take a traffic school? If you ask me, I think traffic school is worse. At least getting your ticket only takes a few minutes. But traffic school can take 6 hours or longer. Blah!

Fortunately, the days of sitting in a stuffy classroom on a perfectly good Saturday are over. Online traffic schools have replaced the classrooms and that is actually really good news for you. Not only can you take an online traffic school whenever you want, but you can split it up into several sessions if you feel like it. Oh, and it’s WAY easier to pass because you don’t really have to go through the course at all.

If you follow my super simple tricks below, you’ll be done with this thing in no time.

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Preparing To Take Your Online Traffic School Course

Alright, before you start, I recommend getting comfortable. Get yourself a beverage, maybe some popcorn, find a favorite movie you want to watch and get cozy on your couch with your laptop or tablet. If you don’t have a laptop or tablet, no worries. Most courses can be completed using your smartphone or you can just open Netflix or YouTube in a new window. You just need something to help pass the time, that’s all.

You weren’t actually planning on paying attention, taking notes, and preparing for your exams, were you?? We want to make this painless. Ok, so here are the 3 simple steps to follow to easily pass ANY online traffic school.

Step 1 – Sign Up For the Right Online Traffic School

Yeah, this method can be used for any online traffic school you want. However, it’s easier to do this with some schools over others. I highly recommend either iDriveSafely or Improv Traffic School (those links include discounts, by the way). If for whatever reason you have something against those two schools, check out a full list of my recommended online traffic schools. You can also check out every online traffic school approved in your state by going to my online traffic schools by state page.

For those of you in California, the above two schools I mentioned will not include a course timer. That means you can literally be done with this crap in an hour or less. Some online traffic schools in California still require course timers, which is just stupid, because the state no longer requires them. So be really careful about this. For the rest of you, I’m sorry. You’re going to have to put up with course timers. That means, if the course is supposed to take 6 hours, that’s how long it’s going to take. Of course, you don’t have to do it all in one sitting, so that’s cool. Those courses will keep track of your progress and you can log in or out whenever you want.

Step 2 – Take Screen Shots Of Every Page (Reading Optional)

If you really feel like reading through everything, well hey, good for you! Some of you probably should anyway. By my count, about 70% of you guys are just awful drivers that really do need to take some advice. For the rest of you, no reading necessary.

What you’ll want to do is take a screenshot of each page of the course. Now, be careful here because your computer will only take a screenshot of what actually appears on your screen. You may need to scroll down and take multiple shots of the same page of the course. Make sure you get all the text on each page. If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, just go to Google (or whatever search engine you like) and type in “how do I take a screenshot on a (mac, PC, iPad, Droid… whatever)”.

Step 3 – Get 100% On Every Test & The Final Exam

You can probably see where I’m going with this by now. Once you have to take a test (usually 6 of them plus a “final exam”), just use your screenshots to find the answers you don’t know. Most of the answers you’ll know without reading anything at all anyway. The questions are usually super simple. And for most courses in most states, they don’t even let you fail. You just keep taking the test over and over again until you pass. Just be aware that for many states, you are going to be timed. The time allowed is way longer than you’ll need, but it’s just something to be aware of.

And that’s pretty much it, my friends. Simple, yet effective. If you use this technique, you can easily pass any online traffic school. If you can’t pass your online traffic school using this technique, you probably shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

Finish Your Online Traffic School EARLY!

Online traffic schools are notorious for adding hidden fees at the end of the course. One of the biggest ways they do this is on “rush processing” fees. They know most people procrastinate and do their online traffic schools at the last minute. That means, in order for people to notify their court on time, they need to get their completion certificate as soon as possible. Sometimes, rush processing can cost as much as the course itself!

Bonus Tip – Don’t Forget Your Discounts!

Never pay full price for an online traffic school. Almost all of them offer some sort of coupon code or discount link that you can use. I’ve provided several on my online traffic school reviews page and try to keep them as updated as possible with the highest discounts available. Otherwise, just search around for the online traffic school you’re signing up for and you should be able to find something. If not, seriously, find a new course. Paying full price for something you’re being forced to do just doesn’t make sense.

Well, I hope this helps and if you have any tips to share, feel free to share in the comment section below. Good luck!!