12 Advantages Of Taking Drivers Ed Classes Online

12 Advantages Of Taking Drivers Ed Classes Online

One of the biggest milestones in a teenager’s life is taking drivers ed and obtaining a driver’s license. In some states, taking drivers ed is a mandatory prerequisite before you can obtain your DMV learner driver’s permit, and in other states, this certificate allows teenagers to obtain that coveted license at an earlier age. Although driver’s ed courses can be taken in a classroom, many states allow approved online courses that offer advantages over classroom training.

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1. Convenience

An online course can be done in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for parents to spend time driving you to and from the classroom and having to wait while you’re busy taking drivers ed. Saving time is important, especially when you have a heavy school schedule, and participating online means you can study when you want to. A further advantage of online learning is that you can participate in your course away from home wherever you have access to the Internet such as in the school library or at a coffee shop.

2. Acceptance by State Authorities

A number of states already accept online driver’s ed courses, and as time goes on, more are allowing it. Before enrolling, check your state’s requirements as well as if the driver’s ed course you want to take is accredited by the relevant authorities. You will be required to submit your certificate of course completion when applying for your learner’s permit.

3. Fewer Distractions

Students often find online learning less distracting than taking drivers ed in a classroom. Where driver’s ed is mandatory, you are likely to find students who are there because they have to be and not because they want to; their lack of interest and fidgeting distracts those who want to concentrate on the course.

The rules of the road are important, and a proper understanding of these rules is a prerequisite for safety on the road; you need to be able to study in a conducive environment where you will not be distracted by the restless talking of other people.

4. Learn at Your Own Pace

Some students learn quickly while others take more time to understand and fully comprehend different concepts. Taking drivers ed online enables you to progress at the pace that suits you, and you can plan your learning times to suit your schedule. You can also go back and redo sections when you realize that you have missed something important.

5. Beneficial When Living Out Of Town

If you live some distance from town, you may find it difficult to get to a classroom to attend driver’s ed courses. Studying online means you don’t have to depend on anyone else to transport you over long distances or to put you up overnight while you attend classes in the daytime.

6. Independence

Although your parents are likely to be willing to give up their time to help you study, as a young adult taking drivers ed, you value your independence and don’t like to depend upon them for everything. Online driver’s ed frees you to get on with your learning without having to drag your parents all over town. It also teaches you to use your time responsibly and effectively, a crucial step towards gaining real independence when you take your license.

7. Affordability

Another advantage of taking driver’s ed classes online over in-person classes is that these courses are generally more affordable. It’s not just about the course fees being cheaper, you also save up on the cost of textbooks and text materials. Discounts are commonly offered as well – because of the several options available for online classes, schools offer competitive discounts. So if you have a knack for looking for these offers, you’re onto saving a lot on your driver’s education.

Also, online driver’s ed providers usually have a money-back guarantee, so this means you can test out their course material first to see if it suits your learning style before paying up!

8. Flexibility

Next, you’ll also have more flexibility in choosing how you’d like to learn. Online classes are offered in several different formats. Some courses may lean more on the text-heavy side, which suits traditional learners who prefer reading text materials. But most students prefer entertaining courses, so they can choose courses like those offered by MyImprov, which uses humor to introduce complex driving concepts to students, making it more engaging. 

Meanwhile, Aceable and DriversEd rely more on video materials, complete with 3D animations and driving simulations that make learning a whole lot more interesting than traditional teaching methods.

Some schools even offer audio-read-along features for free or as an add-on that suits auditory learners.

Students can also choose between several course formats. Livestream classes, DVD lessons, or video-on-demand courses are amongst the available choices.

9. Insurance Discounts

Most students who take online driver’s ed are first-time drivers, and most of them don’t have auto insurance yet. The good news is that almost every online driver’s ed offers insurance discounts that you can take advantage of. Of course, terms and conditions will apply and you should always check with your insurance provider first before enrolling in any course. But yes, you’re almost guaranteed a discount if you take the course online.

10. Preparation for Driver’s License

The material covered in your online driver’s ed course covers all you need to know about the rules of the road. It also covers aspects such as understanding your car, its controls, and how they interact. Other sections include information on safely sharing the road with other drivers and learning the signs of the road.

Understanding how different weather conditions affect the way your car handles is important, especially when you drive in rain, in snow, and on unsurfaced roads. Once you thoroughly understand these and other aspects covered in driver’s ed, you can get out on the road and focus on learning to drive.

11. Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

As you probably know, drugs and alcohol affect your driving ability, even in very low concentrations. Driving can be dangerous and the consequences of driving while under the effect of alcohol or even when taking certain prescription medicines can be disastrous. Driver’s ed covers this topic, which aims at making you an aware, safe driver.

12. Registering for Online Drivers Ed

In most states, there is no minimum age for registration for online driver’s ed, but as the earliest you can get a DMV learner’s driver permit is 15 years 6 months, it is recommended that you register when you turn 15.

Participating in an online driver’s ed course has advantages over attending classes at a brick-and-mortar venue. Convenience, learning at your own pace, and independence are some of the benefits that make online learning a good way to get on the road.

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