Best Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed: Reviews & Comparisons

Best Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed: Reviews & Comparisons

Lots and lots of teens across the nation strive to obtain their drivers license while they are still in high school. They want to be able to go out with friends, go shopping, or do whatever it is kids do these days. That little piece of plastic is their sense of freedom and an important chapter in their life. It gets them out from under the close watch of mom and dad at least for a couple of hours. Of course, this is also why it can be so stressful for parents. Driving is the most dangerous activity we do on a near daily basis, so the worrying is understandable.

This is why drivers education is so important for new drivers. Most drivers form their good and bad habits early on, so to keep your teen as safe as possible on the roadways, you need to find the best training. In Pennsylvania, the Department of Transportation requires the completion of a state-approved driver’s education course before a license will be issued to a person under 18-years of age. So, the new drivers will be trained to operate their vehicles on the roadways safely.

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Is A Classroom Or Online Drivers Ed In Pennsylvania Better?

Students can attend a traditional classroom-based school or a Pennsylvania online drivers ed program to get the required education that they need. Either option will do the trick as they both meet Pennsylvania state requirements. The difference lies in how the information is delivered. In a traditional classroom-based drivers ed class, students will need to sit in a classroom during a specific time on specific days and basically get lectured to. It clearly doesn’t sound like a fun time.

With a state-approved Pennsylvania online drivers ed course, students will fulfill their “classroom” hours online. With this method, the content is delivered through videos, animations, graphics, text, and even interactive games. Students can also go at their own pace and can take their course from wherever they want and whenever they want. While everyone learns a bit differently, in general, most teens these days prefer taking their drivers ed course online instead of sitting in a boring classroom.

Of course, drivers ed isn’t exactly supposed to be entertaining. It is designed to be educational. But, if it is dull and not engaging like most classroom courses, students are less likely to retain vital information. That’s why the most popular method in Pennsylvania is to take drivers ed online.

The 3 Best Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed Classes

The state of Pennsylvania has many different options available for teens who want to complete their required classroom training hours online. This is a quick list with reviews and comparisons of the 3 best Pennsylvania online drivers ed courses. While we highly encourage you to stick with one of these recommended courses, below these comparisons you will find a link to the full list of all online drivers ed courses available in the state of Pennsylvania.

1. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable has bite-sized content that is geared toward teens. It is interactive, engaging, and even somewhat fun, which ensures that the student pays attention without losing focus. Of all the online drivers ed courses approved in Pennsylvania, this is the most mobile-friendly course available. It is the perfect online drivers ed class for those who want to take the course on the go or who don’t want to use a PC to complete the material. It is one of the newer schools on the scene, but thanks to its modern approach, Aceable is quickly becoming a favorite of drivers everywhere. In fact, it has already graduated more than 400,000 students to date.

The price at Aceable is affordable and comparable to those of other Pennsylvania online drivers ed classes. Aceable also offers above-average customer support if you have any issues along the way. Their support team can be reached 7 days per week via phone, chat, email, and even through various social media networks. If you want to learn more about this course, check out the full Aceable review.

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2. is another course deserving of the title for being the best Pennsylvania online drivers ed program. This curriculum teaches more than just the rules of the road. It also emphasizes defensive driving techniques to prevent accidents. There are unlimited free practice permit tests, which help the student get prepared for the real exam. Additionally, has a new mobile app meaning that the work can be completed from anywhere and on any device.

One of the best aspects of is how the content is delivered. For example, learning about road signs and their meanings is a pretty boring thing to study. That’s why made a game out of it, literally! Students play games to memorize the different shapes, colors, and meanings of roadsigns. They also include 3D interactive videos where students must make their own decision on how to have a traffic hazard.

The class is reasonably priced, and there are additional perks such as many insurance companies accepting this course for an automatic insurance discount. It is even possible for teens to earn credit towards their high school graduation with this course. Customer service is also excellent at Check out our article on Aceable vs. to help decide which would be the best course for your specific needs.

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3. Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go is the last but certainly not least one on the list of best Pennsylvania online drivers ed classes. It’s been around for decades now and over 4-million students have made it their drivers ed school of choice. The coursework is 100% online and is available on any mobile device. Students can study when, where, and how they like. Heck, an individual can even start the lesson, stop, and restart it again at a more convenient time. Like the other names here, Driver Ed To Go also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One great aspect of Driver Ed To Go is how recently the course was updated. While this online drivers ed program has been around since the late ’90s, they have just recently updated their entire course to include all new videos, animations, graphics, and games. It also works really well on mobile devices if you plan to take your drivers ed away from a PC.

Driver Ed To Go guarantees that the student will pass, which sounds like a tall order, but they provide students with all of the means they need to succeed. For instance, the revolutionary PrepWizard tool helps students ace the DMV exam on the initial try. There are loads of extras too such as same-day processing, an audio read-along feature, and the chance to earn up to 2.5 high school credits.

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Make Sure You Do Your Own Research

This list of the best Pennsylvania online drivers ed classes is an excellent place to start researching as the names on it are credible, trustworthy, and legit. However, scams are everywhere on the internet today. Therefore, interested parties will find it in their best interests to review, research, and ask friends about their experiences with Pennsylvania online drivers ed programs.

Additionally, not every school is an approved provider in Pennsylvania. Not looking them over will cause the student to do a bunch of work for no reason. The coursework won’t count toward state requirements. Then, they will have to sign up with an accepted school and do everything over again. So, take your time with the selection and be sure to find a Pennsylvania online drivers ed program that is specifically certified in the state. To get a full list of ALL state-approved Pennsylvania online drivers ed courses, check out this list on

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