Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed Reviews

Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed Reviews

My goal in creating this page is for this to be a “one stop shop” for Pennsylvania online drivers ed programs.

I will not only give you a full list of all approved online drivers ed programs in the state of Pennsylvania, but I will also review the top courses you should consider.

I will also give you access to discounts and coupon codes for the courses I’ve been able to obtain them for.

Finally, I will go over all the requirements you need to be aware of in order to obtain your license and the process of taking a Pennsylvania online drivers ed course. So, let’s get started!

Full List Of ALL Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed Courses

One strange thing I noticed about the official list of Pennsylvania drivers ed courses is the fact you can’t list the courses by online only, so I decided to create a master list of all certified online drivers ed courses in Pennsylvania.

I also noticed many of the driving schools that list online options do not have signup forms on their website, so I only included those schools that allow online signup. I’ll keep this list as updated as I can.

NOTE: I have listed the top 3 highest rated courses and listed them in order of my top recommended course down. After the 3rd course they are listed randomly.

Should I Take Pennsylvania Drivers Ed Online Or In A Classroom?

The decision on whether or not to take your drivers ed course online or in a classroom is ultimately up to you. Many students prefer the face-to-face instruction and ability to ask questions in class.

It’s also nice to be around other students who are studying the same material and at the same pace as you.

With that said, most students these days prefer to complete the “classroom” portion of their driver training online. While learning to drive is fun for most teens, learning all the bookwork usually isn’t.

Memorizing driving laws, studying roadway signs, and hearing about all the dangers of driving can get boring and repetitive very quickly. That’s why online drivers ed is so beneficial.

At first glance, most people don’t think learning about driving online is a good idea. However, you aren’t exactly “learning how to drive” with an online drivers ed course.

You are learning about all the rules and regulations you need to know in order to pass your written exam. You will still need to complete behind-the-wheel training, which is where the real hands on learning begins.

The advantages of taking your Pennsylvania drivers ed course online usually exceed the cons for most people. You get to go at your own pace and the course is very interactive which can help with information retention.

Higher quality online drivers ed courses will include interactive features, videos, animations, and require your feedback to make sure you’re paying attention. Overall, I recommend taking drivers ed online for most Pennsylvania drivers ed students.

How To Find A High Quality Online Drivers Ed Course In Pennsylvania

There is one major problem facing online driver education in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the VAST majority of online drivers ed courses approved in the state are extremely outdated, but they charge the same price as the higher quality courses.

In addition, many brick and mortar driving schools will offer online options, but all they are doing is reselling existing courses for a profit (in other words, they act as the middle-man and you pay more in the process).

So here, I have two important things that you should watch out for when looking for a local driver’s ed course:

School Ratings and Certifications

I’d say this is an important factor if you don’t want to put your efforts in vain. States certify driver’s education schools through the Department of Motor Vehicle. So this is your best source of information. 

Other organizations provide certifications based on their set of standards for best practices that an education provider must follow. We have The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and Driving School Association of the Americas as examples.

Meanwhile, ratings from the Better Business Bureau also provide helpful insight in terms of the company’s reputation and relation to its client. Recommended schools usually receive an A+ rating. Of course, you can check Google Reviews, Yelp, or other social media rating sites.

Involvement of Parents in the Program

I put this as the second factor because not all schools focus on this. But that doesn’t mean they’re not a good school. However, most states realize the importance of parents (or legal guardians’) involvement in a student’s driver training, especially teen drivers. A school that recognizes this only means that they are well aware of their student’s needs. They deserve plus points for that!

The Graduated Licensing Programs in each state involved parents in the process of securing a license for first-time drivers. PennDOT, for example, has recognized the parents/guardians as critical components to keeping teen drivers safe on the roads. 

They believe that they can best assess the teen driver’s knowledge, skills, and maturity. They even prepared a publication, The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, that allows parents to be familiar with the tasks and requirements of teaching their teen how to drive. 

In the master list of all Pennsylvania-approved online driver’s ed courses, I listed above, the top 3 are the online courses I recommend. To explain why I will go into a little more detail.

Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed Reviews For The Top 3 Courses

Before I get into my top 3 recommended Pennsylvania approved online drivers education courses, I was to make clear that ANY of the course I listed above in the master list will meet Pennsylvania state requirements. However, as a driving instructor and someone who has gone through a ton of different online drivers ed courses, the below 3 are the only ones I would personally consider.


Aceable Drivers Ed
My highest recommended online drivers ed course in Pennsylvania is Aceable. This online drivers ed course was started 2 years ago and has received a ton of financial backing from investors.

Due to the amount of money they received for course development, they created the single best online drivers ed course available today.

While I listed 3 of the top courses here, if I were personally signing up for drivers ed today, this is the course I would go with. I don’t share this opinion, either.

If you check out reviews of all the online drivers ed courses approved in Pennsylvania, you will see that this course clearly ranks above the rest in a big way. You can check out my full review of Aceable here if you want to get an inside peak.

Click Here For The Lowest Pricing has been around for about two decades now and have been approved in most states for drivers ed, including the state of Pennsylvania.

This course has been recently upgraded to include 3D looking graphics and animations as well as newly updated videos, games, and other features to keep students engaged.

This online drivers ed course offers 24/7/365 customer support out of their office in California including phone, online chat, and email support.

They also have an A+ BBB rating and have a solid operating history with an overwhelming amount of positive responses from past students. I have personally gone through this course and believe it is a great choice.

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idrivesafely logo
This is one of the driving courses I seem to frequently recommend for both traffic school and drivers ed programs. iDriveSafely is another online driving school that has been around for more than 20 years.

Before the internet existed, they offered “home study” courses through booklets they sent in the mail. Once they were able to apply this model online, they jumped on board and have been doing it ever since.

What I really like about this course is the “story” it seems to follow. There are a bunch of animated characters that get introduced one-by-one. At the end of the course, I almost felt sad to say goodbye.

You really get to know each of them and their unique personalities. Because of their solid history and unique learning approach, I can safely recommend this course.

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Process For Obtaining A Pennsylvania Driver’s License

Many teens and parents are a bit confused about the process of obtaining a driver’s license in Pennsylvania. I’ve tried to make this as simple as possible by first listing the steps to obtaining a license. In the section below, I will cover how the graduated driver’s license program works in Pennsylvania.

Step 1: : The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up a Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual from a local driver’s license center. You can also obtain a copy of this manual online here. Whether you decide to sign up for an online course or a classroom-based course, you should study this guide very closely.

Step 2: In order to obtain your permit, you will need to undergo a medical exam by a physician, physician assistant, certified registered nurse practitioner, or chiropractor. They will check for any medical conditions that could pose safety issues when driving.

Step 3: You should now sign up for a drivers ed course of your choice and complete the required classroom or online-based training.

Step 4: Once you have completed your classroom or online drivers ed course, you can head to a driver facility and take your written exam. You will need to bring your completed medical and course paperwork, have a parent or guardian with you, show proof of identity, proof of residency, bring a social security card, and have a check or money order payable to PennDOT.

Step 5: Once you pass the eye exam, hearing exam, and written exam, you will be issued a temporary permit so that you can begin behind-the-wheel training. You must complete 65 hours of adult-supervised driving which includes no less than 10 hours of nighttime driving and 5 hours of driving in poor weather conditions.

Step 6: After completing your behind-the-wheel training requirements, you can then schedule a road test at a driver license facility. Once you pass the road test, you’re done!

Understanding The Pennsylvania Three Stage Gradual Driver’s License Program

Pennsylvania uses a “graduated driver license system” that many other states also utilize. This system is designed to help transition new drivers slowly by giving them additional freedoms as they gain experience.

When you are initially issued a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, you will be issued what is called a “junior license”. Young drivers who graduate to a junior license have satisfactorily completed all learner’s permit requirements including the road test, but there are some restrictions.

Probationary Period – Until a driver reaches the age of 18, any driver considered to be “high risk” will have their license suspended for 90 days. High-risk drivers are those who accumulate six or more points on their driving record or get convicted of a single high-speed violation of 26mph or higher.

Nighttime Restrictions – Drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from being behind the wheel between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am. Exemptions can be obtained for things such as volunteer work or employment, but proper documentation will be required.

Seatbelt Requirements – All seatbelts must be worn by both the driver and any passengers.

Passenger Restrictions – With a junior license, you are not allowed to carry more than one passenger under the age of 18 unless your parent or guardian is with you. After 6 months, you can have no more than three passengers under 18.

Pennsylvania Online Drivers Ed FAQ

How Long Will My Online Drivers Ed Course Take? State law requires a minimum of 30 hours of instruction. The majority of online drivers ed courses are designed to not take much longer than is legally required.

How Much Will This Cost? Most online drivers ed courses in Pennsylvania will cost between $100 and $200 with the average being around $150.

Can I Fail The Online Course? Yes, it is possible to fail your online drivers ed course, but it is very rare. You will have periodic quizzes throughout your course to help prepare you for the final exam. You also have multiple attempts to pass the final exam. If you are unable to pass the final exam in your online drivers ed course, you will be unable to pass the written test at the driving facility.

Do Online Courses Also Operate Behind-The-Wheel Training? Many of them do, but some don’t. If an online course does not offer behind-the-wheel training, they normally work with local driving schools and can get you a discount.

What Resources Do Parents Get? For the top 3 online drivers ed courses I listed above, parents will have access to their own resources. Tracking student progress, parent help guides, and many other features are offered with online courses.

Final Thoughts About Pennsylvania’s Online Drivers Ed Programs

Pennsylvania appears to have one of the most comprehensive requirements for online drivers ed with more hours of training than most other states.

Unfortunately, many of the online drivers ed courses in Pennsylvania are drastically outdated but still charge relatively high prices.

This is a bit concerning, but overall, there are still some great options available and for most students, learning online will be a great option.