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What Is An Online Driving Class?

Technically speaking, an online driving class is a program that prepares a new driver to obtain their learner’s permit or driver’s license online, rather than going to a driving school. Online driving classes are affordable, convenient, and in some cases better than an in-class experience because it takes all the hassle and distraction out of the equation, and leaves you with a course that can be done at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s important to know what traits to look for when choosing an online driving class for yourself or your teenager. There is a myriad of online driving classes to choose from, and it can be easy to become overwhelmed if you aren’t sure what to expect. How do you tell the genuine sites from the scam sites? How do you know it’s legitimate, and won’t be a waste of time and money? Here we will talk about a few of the more important things to look for when considering an online driving class, as well as some things to avoid.

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Is It State Approved?

Not all online driving class sites are created equal, and while many are not approved by all 50 states, many of them will have a section where you can check to make sure before registering if it will be approved in your state. The site should make it quick and easy to find the states that consider a certificate from them valid, and it will also provide information about the requirements for your state as well. If you come across one that boasts being approved nationwide, but doesn’t list anything to back up that claim, it’s best to just stay away. If you’re still unsure, another good way to check availability is by contacting your state to see if the site is approved by them. If so, you’re good to go.


As with any service available online, there are going to be people who leave reviews stating how they feel about it, and whether they would recommend the service to others. Online driving classes are no different. These reviews are your best window into the course and how it operates before registering, and it will be beneficial to pay close attention to them. Most credible sites will have a section dedicated to these testimonials, and there should be a mix of good, okay, and bad reviews in there. Be wary of any site that either doesn’t have this section, or has a section filled with nothing but praises; typically, this is a sign that the site is either a scam, or their reviews are faked, and is a red flag when considering your options.

Course Length And Quality

Most courses depend on when and where you got your ticket, or how much knowledge you have of driving safety and regulations prior to starting. If you’re taking the course due to court mandated defensive driving, and there’s a timer required, or if you’re taking the course to get ready to get your driver’s license, most courses will take six or more hours to complete. It’s also important to note, however, that the majority of these courses allow you to take them at your own pace. This means that you can break it up into sections if you want, or go back to revisit any information you may not have gotten the first time, and take the tests when you’re ready.

In regards to quality, you’ll mostly want to look for a course that covers all the basics of driving, including road sign recognition, weather conditions, and interacting with other drivers, and proper road etiquette. Some may seem a bit more advanced than others, and as I said before, not all online driving classes are created equal. Some utilize video, audio, and text to provide you with an entertaining learning experience, while others simplify the experience with a text-only template for those who just want a straightforward, no-nonsense course.


The cost for an online driving class varies from state to state, and will depend also on what you’re needing to get out of the class. Some charge only for how far you go into the course, while others charge for the entire course no matter what. The site should provide all the information you need regarding cost, and let you know up front what kind of learning experience you can expect with that cost.

Always Compare Schools

As there are many different online driving classes available, it is always in your best interest to find a few that you like and compare them against each other to get the best possible course for you. Online driving class sites definitely vary, and while they provide the same basic education, not all of them will give you the learning experience you need, or the experience you’re looking for. Start your search with these tips in mind, and an idea of what you’d like to find in an online driving class, and you’re sure to find the best class for you.

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