Online Drivers Education Reviews For 2022

Online Drivers Education Reviews For 2021

As a former truck driver and driving instructor, I’ve seen how online learning has changed the game when it comes to drivers education, and not in a small way. You might think that I’m actually against these online drivers education programs, but the opposite is true. I think they are extremely beneficial when compared to a traditional classroom environment.

This surprises many people, but it’s true. That’s why several states now allow you to complete the classroom portion of driver’s education online. You will of course still have to complete driving time with an instructor, but most other programs can be taken entirely online.

The online driver’s education landscape changes with each passing year. Some courses that used to be high quality will begin to get outdated while other newer or updated courses enter the marketplace and become better options. That’s why at the beginning of each year, I like to create fresh new reviews. On this page, I will be specifically covering online drivers education reviews for 2022.

Want The FAST Answer? These Are My Favorite Online Drivers Education Courses For 2022

How To Find A High-Quality Online Drivers Education Course In 2022

When reading online drivers education reviews for 2022, you’ll have to know just what you want from a program in order to find the best one for you. Unfortunately, most people don’t’ really know what “features” online drivers ed courses offer, or what separates a good course from a bad one. Every online driver’s education course in 2022 claims to be the best, so which course really is?

First and foremost, you should compare online drivers education reviews that are specific to 2022. If you’re reading an online drivers education review prior to 2022, the review is already outdated. These online drivers ed companies change so fast. As a specific example, there are some online drivers ed programs in the past where I praised their customer service, only to have them suddenly outsource their customer service team overseas where people were waiting on hold only to get someone that couldn’t really help with their problem.

So, compare RECENT reviews. Don’t just take my word for which online drivers education courses are best in 2022, but instead read reviews from multiple sources to get a good idea of what the courses are like. I might sound a bit overdramatic here, but driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing any of us do on a daily basis and good or bad habits are formed early. Really research your online drivers ed course before you sign up for anything.

Here are a few of the main questions that you’ll want to answer when looking at online drivers education courses in 2022:

  • What is customer support like? – While the ideal outcome is to never have to contact customer support in the first place, sometimes things happen. Unfortunately, online driving schools have an awful reputation for customer service. Try to find an online drivers education course with an in-house and United States-based customer support staff. Extended customer service hours are also preferable, along with multiple ways to contact them (phone, email, live support chat, social media, etc.). Here’s an example of a course that has phenomenal customer service.

  • Is it certified in YOUR state? – The vast majority of online drivers education courses in 2022 will verify that you are indeed eligible to take their online coursework. Unfortunately, however, there are still some bad apples out there that will say they are “state-certified” when they may only be certified for one state, and it might not be yours. Always double-check that an online drivers ed program is certified in YOUR state as of 2022.

  • Does the coursework on multiple devices? – Believe it or not, even though we are in 2022, many online drivers education courses do not work well (or at all) on mobile devices and tablets. If you plan to take the course across multiple platforms, make sure the online drivers ed course you’re signing up for is mobile friendly. The most mobile-friendly online drivers ed course I know if in 2022 is this one.

  • Is the coursework outdated? – This is the biggest problem facing online drivers ed programs in 2022. Most of the big online drivers ed courses out there were started way back before 2000. Since then, the courses have had a patchwork of updates, but they still feel very outdated with old videos, walls of text, a lack of interactive features, and things that simply don’t work right anymore. This is the most modern course in 2022 and this one is also a great option.

  • Is the course interactive? – While I believe online drivers education is much better than a traditional classroom, this is not true if the online drivers ed course consists of walls of text. That is a terrible way to retain information. Make sure you choose an online drivers ed course that is interactive with multiple ways of delivering information such as through video, games, animations, quizzes, and more.

  • Money-Back Guarantee – Having a money-back guarantee is pretty much the industry standard for online drivers ed courses in 2022. If they do not proudly and boldly state that they have a money-back guarantee, you should walk away. Any high-quality online drivers ed course will be happy to stand behind their product. Just be sure to read that fine print!

My Top 5 Online Drivers Education Reviews For 2022

Now that you know what to look for in an online drivers ed course, let’s get into my specific recommendations for 2022. Luckily, these online drivers education reviews have been ongoing since 2011, so I know exactly what to look for when reviewing these guys. I’ve taken the time to find the four best online drivers education options online for 2022 and break down why I like them.

With that in mind, take a look at the following online drivers education reviews for the top three schools. You should be able to find a program that delivers you everything that you need.

My #1 Pick For 2022 – Aceable

Aceable Online Drivers Ed 2020

Aceable is the cream of the crop when it comes to online driver’s education in 2022. While I’ve typically recommended online drivers ed programs that have been around for a while, Aceable is a newcomer to the industry. They launched in 2015 and invested millions of dollars into a state-of-the-art online drivers education course. Now that they’ve had a few years to get it perfected, it is clearly the winner for the best online drivers ed course in 2022. Here are some of the key things that make it my top pick:

  • Certified in several states (click here and pick your state to verify eligibility).

  • The most modern online drivers education course in 2022, hands down.

  • The most mobile-friendly course available with dedicated apps for each device. Switch between devices anytime.

  • It’s designed to be fun and easy to use and they do a great job stemming boredom through various games, videos, and humor. You’ll love “Ace” the robot driving instructor!

  • A great customer support team based out of Austin Texas. Contact them via phone, email, chat, or through their various social media accounts.

All in all, Aceable is the go-to online drivers ed course for me when I’m asked who I think has the best drivers ed program in 2022. In terms of drawbacks, there aren’t really that many. I just wish they were approved in even more states than they are.

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My #2 Pick For 2022 – Best Online Drivers Ed 2020 covers practically everything you could need from an online drivers school. Its design is straightforward, easy to navigate, and offers excellent parent resources as well. What I like most about this course are the 3D looking animations that help show students the information in a unique way, rather than just reading text, which improves retention rates. Some of the videos are even interactive, giving students choices to make when encountered with certain driving scenarios. They also include games such as matching street signs with proper descriptions that help to retain the info. All in all, this is a fantastic online drivers education course in 2022. Here are some additional highlights.

  • Offers online drivers education programs that can be completed entirely over the internet.

  • This online drivers education course also operates its own behind-the-wheel training programs and is discounted for online students.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly course.

  • 2/47 customer support available via email, chat, or phone.

  • Approved in most states.

  • Proven history of excellence, and used by millions of students since 1998.

With a name like, there isn’t much of a mystery as to what these guys do and they are indeed one of the most popular online drivers education courses in 2022. This is a flagship program and has been providing home-based drivers education even before they launched their online drivers ed program in 1998. Its proven history makes it a worthwhile option when you’re looking for a good online program.

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My #3 Pick For 2022 – Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go Best Online Drivers Ed 2020

Driver Ed To Go is new to my recommended list in 2019. Prior to 2019, this course was a bit outdated so I never really wanted to recommend it. However, they have recently undergone some massive improvements and updated their entire course including the course content, user platform, and mobile device functionality. What’s really nice, however, is that Driver Ed To Go has not increased their pricing. This online drivers ed school has always been one of the cheapest options, but the course quality just wasn’t quite there yet. Fortunately, they now have the best of both worlds. This is now easily one of the best online drivers education courses in 2022. Some features I like include:

  • Approved in many states.

  • Interactive videos, games, and quizzes.

  • Low or zero wait times in case customer service is needed.

  • One of the cheapest online drivers ed classes available.

  • Works well on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Been in business since the late 1990’s.

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My #4 Pick For 2022 – Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School Best Drivers Ed 2020

My fourth pick is Improv Traffic School. While this online driving school has historically focused on traffic school and defensive driving courses, they also offer online drivers ed in many states. You can click here and enter your state to see if it is certified where you live. This course offers you a fun, funny way to complete online education. It’s billed as a comedy traffic school, and reading other online drivers education reviews it’s not hard to see that those who choose this option end up laughing as they learn. I personally love the slapstick humor of this program and I think the “edutainment” approach helps increase student retention rates. These are the same comedians that do stand-up comedy for the nationwide chain of Improv Comedy Clubs Here are a few highlights of Improv Traffic School.

  • Lots of “extras” that are included at no additional cost where other online driving schools would charge additional fees.

  • Comedy is used throughout the program to help keep you engaged and interested.

  • Offers assistance for finding a behind-the-wheel instructor if needed.

  • Approved by numerous state governments.

  • Has a solid history and reputation with more than 2 decades of service.

  • Fair pricing plans and special deals offered regularly.

  • Can be completed on any internet-ready device, although the mobile version could use some improvement.

  • Basic certifications and driving permit courses can be completed in as little as 30 minutes in some states.

  • United States based customer service team.

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My #5 Pick For 2022: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Best Drivers Ed 2020

iDriveSafely is one of the oldest online drivers education courses out there. They have been in business for over 25 years and have had millions of students go through their driving programs. This online drivers ed school also has their own driving instructors and vehicles. So, if you still need to sign up with a driving instructor, they may be able to get you a package deal. This online drivers ed course is unique in that it almost feels like a movie as you go through it. There is an entire storyline with a cast of fun animated characters that bring students through the entire process. They really did a great job making the experience feel like a fun story. Here are some things I really like about iDriveSafely:

  • Long-standing history over dozens of years with millions of students having completed the course.

  • Works well on phones and tablets.

  • Approved in almost every state.

  • Behind-the-wheel driving instructors are available at a discounted price in some states.

  • Extended customer service hours.

  • No hidden fees at the end of the course.

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I hope these online drivers education reviews for 2022 were helpful. I will be back to update this page as necessary in 2022, but until then, safe motoring!

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