Online Drivers Ed For California Teens Looking To Learn On Their Time

Online Drivers Ed For California Teens Looking To Learn On Their Time

California young people are busy, and especially in today’s modern times. Trying to balance work, school, extracurricular activities, investigating colleges, a social life, a family life, and homework is pretty tough, so squeezing in drivers ed doesn’t always seem feasible. One option that many teens and parents aren’t aware of, however, is online drivers ed for California teens, which can give them the safety benefits they want without impeding on what they’ve already got to do. 

For teens, online drivers ed provides a few perks. A few we want to outline are:

  • The convenience to go at it at your own time
  • The ability to go through your course from home
  • You choose when you study

For California kids with a busy schedule, online drivers ed really knows how to be the whole package.

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Online drivers ed doesn’t only benefit teens, but their parents as well. Teen drivers are involved in fatal accidents more than any other demographic of driver on the road, and this is something that many parents think about when their kids go to get their license. The DMV states, however, that teen drivers who have taken drivers ed of any sort are less likely to be involved in any sort of accident when compared to teens who have not, and this can really give parents peace of mind.

Additionally, because teens who have taken drivers ed are less likely to be in an accident, many insurance companies offer premium discounts for covered teens with drivers ed course credit. Insuring a teen driver can be pretty expensive, and the ability to save this percentage, whatever it may be with a chosen insurance company, does add up!

Online drivers ed for California teens solves a few problems – it gives teens a way to work drivers ed into their schedule, it gives parents peace of mind, and it can lower insurance premiums. With the ability to take these courses online that we have today, they’re more available than ever, so why not take advantage of the benefits!

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Online Drivers Ed For California Teens And Accident Statistics

Teens are the single largest accident demographic there is, and according to this statistic, 8 teenagers died in a car accident every single day in the year 2013. Only 55% of high school students report regularly wearing their seatbelt, and 22% of teens admitted to getting into the car with a driver who has been drinking alcohol. Parents, whether they know the statistics or not, are nervous whenever their teens get behind the wheel, and seeing these statistics, it’s easy to see why.

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A few more eye-opening teen driving and teen accident statistics:

  • 10% of teen accident related deaths had to do with distracted driving having to do with a cell phone.
  • June has the highest amount of teen driving deaths
  • Most teen accidents occur on either Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays
  • Most  teen accident fatalities occur between 6 and 9 pm

If parents are looking for a way to feel more comfortable when their teen gets behind the wheel, online drivers ed for California teens can help to build true respect for the road. The true dangers of driving while distracted, drinking and driving, reckless driving, and getting into the car with an intoxicated driver will be realized, and it could be more than enough to give teens pause before deciding to place themselves in a precarious situation.

How Does California Online Drivers Ed Work?

The way California online drivers ed works for teens is simple. Depending on the drivers ed course you choose, you simply sign up, complete the course, and do your real road hours. The course will be comprised of various tests to prepare teens to know what they need to in order to stay safe while driving, and they’ll only be moved on to the next step when they’ve passed the one before it.

The way teens can complete the course on their own time is simple as well. These online courses use a simple log in and log out method, and when their time is up studying for a particular session, they can simply sign out and pick right back up where they started. If they have some time before school, they can study a bit, and the same goes for after school, in between activities, after work, on the weekends, or at night before bed. They can craft their own schedule and always be able to continue right where they left off!

A California drivers ed program also makes sure to adhere and complement California driving laws, so you never need to worry about a drivers ed course not working with a California teen’s ability to get their license.

These online drivers ed courses teach quite a few important things about safe driving. Learning how to drive in unsafe road conditions will be covered, the hazards of distracted or intoxicated driving, and road hazards are just some of the lesson components, so any teen can get a comprehensive education on the best way to take on the road! With this knowledge, they’ll be able to realize when situations get dangerous, and they’ll be given the knowledge they need to make the responsible and safe decision. A true respect for the road typically takes years of practice, but online drivers ed can start that foundation throughout one course.

For parents and teens alike, online drivers ed provides a convenient, safe, and worthwhile solution. With the education that online drivers ed provides to California teens, parents can feel confident when their child takes the car out for a spin, and the teens will be made safer without possibly even knowing it. The methods and strategies they’ve learned in their lessons will be in the back of their mind each time they get behind the wheel, and they will serve to remind them of how important it is to take driving seriously each and every time!

Is California Online Driver’s Ed Better Than a Classroom Course?

The traditional in-person driver’s ed class is indeed a tried and tested method which has been around for decades. Many conservatives will still feel more at ease if they complete the course this way. But with the recent changes, we may agree that this is no longer the more popular option nowadays – especially for teenagers.

Teenagers these days are known to be multi-taskers. This generation is a lot different from the teens back in the day. They can spend a few hours doing several things all at the same time and be productive in all of them. Having them sit in a classroom to listen to their instructor is being caged to them – they’ll want to get out as soon as possible, not taking in any useful information.

With an online classroom set-up, these teens are free to use their time the way they want to. They can complete the lessons in between episodes of their favorite Netflix shows, or while taking a break from a game they’re playing online. They can even chat with friends online while the course is in progress.

You might be thinking that this isn’t how lessons should be completed. How can they focus if they are doing other things, right? But remember – we’re talking about multi-taskers here. Most of them will find this setup more conducive for learning, allowing them to retain more information than when they are stuck in a classroom setup.

Besides, if they are not comfortable with this kind of set-up, they can always choose to focus on their lessons and complete them in one sitting if it’s possible. The good thing here is taking online classes allows flexibility – students can take lessons however they want! And it’s something that they won’t get to enjoy in a traditional classroom setup.

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