Is Taking Drivers Education Online Better Than A Classroom?

Taking Drivers Ed Online Comparing The Top 3 Drivers Ed Courses Online

Different things prevent people from being able to attend a traditional classroom setting for a driver’s education course.

Parents seem to be working more hours these days than ever before, and they rely on the family car for driving to and from their place of employment.

Not everyone lives in the middle of the city, and folks that reside in rural locations don’t have access to buses, taxis, and other transportation modes.

When this problem occurs, it is much too great of a distance to send your teen walking to a classroom.

However, families that are plagued by these types of transit issues, still want to get their teens permits, and drivers education online is the ideal solution to their predicament.

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These classes allow students to learn the rules of the road, defensive driving methods, and provide them with vital information to handle various problems that they may encounter while operating a motor vehicle.

The teachings allow your teen, passengers they are carrying, and other people on or around the streets to stay safe.

After successfully completing a drivers education online course, in-car lessons and additional time behind the wheel will be required before they can obtain their license.

So, keep this aspect in mind because parents will need to make time to serve as a parent-coach.

Don’t forget to set a good example while driving by not texting or partaking in activities that cause distractions.

Advantages Of Taking Drivers Education Online

The following are the main advantages of taking drivers education online. While some students still prefer the traditional classroom environment, here are some advantages you can expect by taking drivers ed online.

1. Allows For Studying To Take Place In A Cozy Environment

Most drivers education online programs are mobile-friendly.

This means that students can utilize almost any smartphone, laptop, or tablet to study.

They do not have to sit through boring teacher lectures because many schools use videos, texts, and quizzes to create a fun, engaging experience.

Teens don’t have to worry about getting dressed up to impress friends, and there is nobody around to pose a distraction and prevent them from being able to learn.

2. The Cost Associated With Drivers Education Online Is Often Cheaper Than Those Of A Conventional Classroom

Every organization has its own prices for the services that it provides. For instance, offers three different packages. The standard option meets the requirements for getting a permit.

An enhanced package is also available which also provides behind-the-wheel training with a driving instructor. It includes everything the other method provides, but it also comes with in-car lessons to help individuals obtain their license and learn to master the road.

Other companies may suit your needs better, so don’t be afraid to get dirty and perform some research of your own.

3. Drivers Education Online Is Convenient And Flexible

Some courses are timed, but many of them are not, and students can work on the curriculum whenever they please. S

Some courses are timed, but many of them are not, and students can work on the curriculum whenever they please. 

So, it does not matter if students are night owls or early risers, anyone’s schedule can benefit from flexible drivers education online. 

Teens have all sorts of things going on in their lives. 

Trying to balance homework, family life, social time, and other things is not a task that is for the faint of heart. 

However, these kiddos successfully do it every day. 

An additional classroom environment can throw a wrench into their entire routine and cause everything to unravel. 

Consider drivers ed online to help your teen keep their agenda intact.

4. You’ll Get 24/7 Support

Most drivers ed online companies have 24/7 customer service.

Students with questions can contact professionals for assistance at any time day or night.

Pupils that attend classroom settings have to wait until the next meeting to get the answer to their inquiry.

This action often results in them forgetting to ever ask about the issue, which leads to confusion when it is test-taking time. Ensure that your teen always has help readily available by enrolling them in an online course today.

5. Additional Perks

Many of these organizations have resources available for both parents and teens. However, Aceable goes above and beyond in this area.

Six months of Allstate Roadside Assistance comes with the initial purchase. It is a useful tool for those unpleasant occasions when you lock the keys inside the car or need a tow.

Additionally, after completing the class, students can sign up for Aceable. They will receive discounts from several businesses. Don’t let extra perks be the only reason for choosing your online school, but consider the benefits before making your final decision.

6. Insurance Discounts

While this reward is not only specific to online classes, it is still worthy of discussing.

Many insurance carriers will provide their clients with a discount after completing drivers ed.

Teens may not find this information worthwhile, but any parent knows that adding a youngster to the policy causes premiums to rise to unimaginable levels.

Although the course is mandatory if a teen wants to obtain their license before the age of 18, this benefit should help parents on the fence about drivers education online come to a decision.

7. There are Several Choices Available Online

… and each one of them offers a unique course format that can fit your learning style. I think this is the most important one because not every student learns the same way. 

Kinesthetic learners tend to learn better if the course curriculum offers opportunities for them to get involved. Interactive course content such as the one offered by Aceable is best suited for these types of learners. DriverEdToGo’s Game Corner may also be an added perk that they can enjoy.

Those who are visual learners may do better with courses that include instructional videos, animations, and even 3D driving simulations. If not as advanced, at least courses that include graphics and illustrations to explain important driving concepts should do the job.

Auditory learners will do well if they purchase a course that offers audio-read-along features such as DriversEd.

There are students who would rather have fun than take the course altogether. But if they find a driver’s ed program that combines humor and science to provide an extremely entertaining driver’s ed course (such as Improv Traffic School Drivers Ed Program), they might think otherwise. Plus, they may even perform way better than expected if they enjoyed the course.

Still, no matter how advanced technology is at this time, we have those types of learners who do well when they read the materials and take notes manually. And the great thing here is that there are several online driver’s ed providers that mostly consist of text lessons. 

You see, each type of student will have the opportunity to choose how they would like to learn from the variety of online driver’s ed programs available.  They won’t have to get stuck in a classroom trying to catch up or waiting patiently for others to catch up with the lesson. They will have control over their education.

Wrap Up

Finding the best drivers education online school is not always easy.

Talking to friends, reading reviews, and looking at the posts we have compiled can help you uncover the truth behind various organizations.

Don’t just take a shot in the dark and pick the first school that you come to after performing an internet search. The business should be licensed and accredited by the state where a person resides.

After all, taking a course for Texas drivers ed students when you live in California is not going to do you much good.

Consider all of the little perks, but most importantly, make sure that the driver’s education online course teaches your teen how to become a safe motor vehicle operator with the tools to handle whatever obstacles that the road throws their way.