Is Online Drivers Ed Legit?

Is Online Drivers Ed Legit?

Back when I was a driving instructor, I used to get asked all the time, “is online drivers ed legit?” That was the early 2000’s when online drivers ed was a relatively new thing, so of course, people wondered if online drivers ed was legit. Funny thing is, I seem to be asked the same question up until this day!

So, what’s the scoop? Is online drivers ed legit?

Of course it is! Not only is online drivers ed legit, but it has quickly become the preferred method for drivers ed students to complete their driver education requirements.

But even though online drivers ed is legit, is it better than taking a classroom-based drivers ed class? Let’s explore this further.

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Online Drivers Ed Or Classroom-Based Drivers Ed?

The decision on whether to take your drivers ed course online or in a classroom is completely up to you and your own personal learning style. As a former driving instructor, you might be thinking I’m against online drivers ed programs, but the opposite is actually true.

Learning about driving laws, rules, and regulations is extremely tedious and boring. Sure, you could memorize what the colors of traffic signs and what they mean from a classroom or textbook, but doing this type of thing online is far better. Instead of memorizing out of a textbook or using boring flashcards, you can learn through interactive games, animations, and other ways that help you retain the information faster.

As a driving instructor, the most fun part of my job was getting behind the wheel and teaching new drivers how to be safe on the road. All the classroom stuff honestly could be learned independently. Taking your “classroom” hours online means you can set your own schedule, go at your own pace, and study from anywhere with an internet connection.

In my professional opinion, if online drivers ed is an option for you, go with it.

When Online Drivers Ed Is NOT Legit

While online drivers ed is legit, there is one particular thing you need to spend very close attention to. Most online drivers ed courses are certified in several states, but not ALL states. For example, the online drivers ed program I recommend the most is available in MOST states, but not all.

I’m going to recommend some legit online drivers ed courses below that will all verify your eligibility based on your address, but no matter which drivers ed course you sign up for, please check and double-check that the course is in fact certified in your specific state. There are many seemingly legit online drivers ed courses that are happy to take your money even though they aren’t certified in your state. You’ll end up spending hours going through a course that may be certified somewhere else, but not where you live. These horror stories are terrible. Not only is money lost, but those are hours you’ll never get back and you’ll have to start all over.

Legit Online Drivers Ed Courses I Recommend

Now that you know online drivers ed is legit, let’s take a look at the online drivers ed programs I recommend to drivers ed students when they ask me who to sign up for. is one of the oldest and most legitimate online drivers ed courses available. They have had literally MILLIONS of students graduate from their online driver training programs over the past 20 years. Depending on where you live, you may have seen their cars driving around as this company also offers behind-the-wheel training. So, if you don’t know who your behind-the-wheel driving instructor will be, may be a great option for you since they run both online drivers ed classes as well as behind the wheel training. You can often get a “package deal” by signing up for both of these services together. Their animations, graphics, interactive features, and “make a decision” feature is among the best in the industry.

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Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is one of the newer online drivers ed courses to hit the market, but that also makes them one of the most updated courses. The only reason I didn’t list Aceable #1 is that they aren’t certified in too many states yet. Aceable is currently certified for online drivers ed in Texas, California, Florida, Illinois (adult), Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. If you live in one of those states, I highly recommend going with Aceable. It’s the best course out there, hands down.

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Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go is another legit online drivers education program that has been around literally since the late ’90s. In fact, even before that, they offered home study booklet courses. Driver Ed To Go is available in more states than the other two I listed, so if you’re not able to take one of the above two courses, this is your best option. One reason I listed Driver Ed To Go a bit lower is that it’s a little more outdated and doesn’t work great on mobile devices, but other than that, this is a totally legit online drivers ed course.

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Additional Legit Online Drivers Ed Courses To Check Out

The online drivers ed programs I listed above are my top recommendations and are the most legit online drivers ed courses you’ll find, but if you want some additional recommendations you can check out more online drivers ed reviews here.

In addition, make sure you check your state’s department of motor vehicles page and get a list of all the certified online drivers ed courses for your state. That way, no matter which online drivers ed program you go with, you’ll know it’s legit.

How Long Does a Legit Online Drivers Ed Course Take To Complete?

The amount of time an online drivers ed course will take you really depends on the state you live in. It could take a few as 6 hours or last as long as 30+ hours. Sometimes, you’ll need to spread those hours out over a period of time (30 to 90 days) but in other states, you can blast through it as quickly as possible.

Fulfilling Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction

Obviously, you can’t learn to drive using the internet. You can only learn some of the rules, regulations, and safety stats. For actual driving instruction, this again varies by state, but the vast majority of local driving schools will accept your business even if all you need is behind the wheel training. The recommended online drivers ed courses I listed above will help you locate a high quality behind the wheel driving instructor if you need help finding one. In fact, they often times have access to exclusive discounts to save you a few extra bucks.

Don’t Forget To Inform Your Insurance Company!

Did you know most insurance companies will give you a special discount for taking a legit online drivers ed course? Many drivers ed students fail to mention this to their insurance company.

Students who have taken an online drivers ed course have actually shown to be safer drivers than those who took their drivers ed coursework in a classroom, so you will get awarded with a little discount on your auto insurance bill.

Good Luck & Drive Safely!

So, your original question was, is online drivers ed legit? Hopefully this article more than answered your question.

Learning to drive is such an exciting time in life. It’s not just about earning that piece of plastic and driving a car, it’s about a level of freedom you’ve never experienced before. Have fun, but also make sure to drive safe, drive defensively, and always expect the unexpected.

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