The Importance Of Driver’s Education

The Importance Of Driver’s Education

As teenagers with lots of homework and hectic school schedules, the last thing you want to do is add yet another class to your already busy schedule. You’re excited to learn how to drive, but you don’t want to spend your free time in a classroom, and learning the rules of the road sounds boring, at best. You’re not alone in this sentiment, we’ve all been there, but driver’s ed is a class you don’t want to miss out on.

One thing you’re lucky to have is an option between classroom taught driver’s ed and online driver’s ed.

Personally, I’d much rather take the classes online to better maintain a schedule that works for me, but it all depends on how you learn. No matter which method you choose, though, going through the class is extremely important, and I’m here to tell you why.

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Though your parents may be the best drivers in the world, they likely don’t have the means or the complete and thorough knowledge of the driving world – unless they’re a professional driving instructor, that is. These schools have several years of experience researching, evolving with the rules and regulations, and teaching students all the necessary lessons needed to successfully pass their driving test to get their license. The lessons and online services will have a clear and thorough outline and lessons plan for the curriculum to ensure all the information they need is covered and understood, where a parent may forget or think some information isn’t as important as others – for instance, they may teach you the mechanical workings of your vehicle and the rules of the road, but leave out the safety reasons behind the rules and what can happen.

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Taking driver’s ed allows you to practice driving on the road with a clear understanding of the rules and safety measures ahead of time, rather than learning them on the go. You can anticipate the steps needed to arrive safely at your destination, as well as keeping in mind the guidelines for doing so, and in turn will feel more confident. Confidence in your driving abilities allows you to comfortably and naturally respond more effectively in difficult driving situations, and as a result become a safer driver.


Because you learn and come to understand the rules and regulations of the road, you understand the responsibility you have as a driver to ensure you follow those guidelines. You know exactly what certain consequences can come with your actions, are aware of the potential damage that comes with an accident, and are both more alert and more cautious while driving. This not only helps to keep you safe, but keeps other drivers around you safe, and everyone will thank you for it.


With driver’s ed, you learn everything to gain a clear understanding of the material, with a knowledge that this information will definitely be applied in the real world. You are also taught how to apply them as you physically learn to drive. Because of this, you are more likely to remember the rules of the road, the signs and their different meanings, and how to follow all the road signs available, and be more comfortable and confident behind the wheel.


This one is a benefit that’s more aimed at your parents, as it involves their car insurance premiums – if they aren’t in the room, you should go grab them now. There are many car insurance companies that actually offer discounts or benefits to teens who take part in a driver’s ed course of some kind. That means that enrolling your teen could potentially save you money, and that’s something that we can all get behind. Your insurance agent will be able to give you all the information you need on any insurance benefits they offer, and may even have a preferred or recommendation for a driver’s ed course.

Multiple Standpoints

This is where your parents will be great assets in your journey through driver’s education. Your course will give you a thorough outline of the rules, safety guidelines, and instructor-taught driving lessons, and these are all things that are irreplaceable when driving. However, your parents can also give you a second perspective on the rules and habits that form, and you can learn by both watching them drive, and having them ride with you during personal lessons. This enables you to have a more rounded view of the driving world and apply the best of both worlds.

May Be Required

This one is less of a benefit than it is something that is required by your state. While not every state requires you to enroll in a driver’s ed course, many states do, and will actually keep you from getting your license until you’ve passed the course and your driver’s test.

Your local DMV will be able to provide you with any and all state regulations regarding this, and, much like your insurance agent, may be able to recommend a class or course to you.

With both, you can generally trust their recommendation, but in case you’re still not sure (or are leaning toward taking them online), I have a list of my top driver’s ed courses and reviews here. Each makes it quick and easy to determine whether they are qualified in your state and I’ve described an outline of the course for some as well.

Driving Etiquette

Driving is not just about following the rules and laws on the road, it’s also about learning driving etiquettes such as sharing the road with other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. 

Nowadays, road rage is still a reality. Being educated on driving etiquette will help us drive peacefully and safely. 

Awareness of Alcohol and Drugs

Telling you’re teenage son or daughter not to drink or drive may not always be effective. When enrolled in a driving school, they are more likely to see devastating videos that show the consequences and destruction caused by driving while in the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Some driver’s education courses let law enforcement officials talk about the damage caused by driving under the influence. This way, they will get a better understanding of the dangers of their actions. 

Increases Road Safety

Attending driving school will teach you better driving techniques and makes you aware of the rules of the road. 

According to research made by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015, having a driver’s education reduces the number of fatal accidents and violations, especially among young drivers. 

As a matter of fact, teens who do not enroll in a driving school are 75% more likely to violate rules and get a ticket, 24% more likely to be involved in fatal accidents or death, and 16% more likely to get into accidents.

Some young drivers are over-confident, which can lead to reckless driving. Having a professional driver’s ed educating young drivers about the risks and consequences of reckless driving can help increase road safety.