Hit The Road, Jack! 4 Best Online Drivers Ed Classes

Hit The Road, Jack! 4 Best Online Drivers Ed Classes

Ah, sixteen; that beautiful age where you can finally start down the road of independence. If you’re anything like I was, you’re extremely excited to get behind the wheel of your very first car, right? You just can’t wait to start driving yourself to school, going on road trips with your friends, taking your date to the dance, and more.

Before all that can happen though, there’s one thing I’m sure you’re not very excited about: driver’s ed. You know you have to go through with it before anyone will let you get your license, but it just seems so boring.

I’ve been in your shoes, and though I won’t sugar coat anything and tell you that it’ll be an exciting experience, I can at least tell you that there’s an option out there that’ll allow you to take your driving education experience to the next level of bearable. How? With online driving classes.

Easily Find The Best Online Drivers Ed Classes!

The great thing about taking driving classes online is that you get to experience your lessons within the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

If you want to tackle the course in thirty minute intervals, go for it! The lesson is your oyster. Since you can learn at the pace that’s most comfortable for you, you don’t have to worry about falling behind or ahead of the rest of the class, and if there’s anything you feel you need to go back over before taking the test, you can.

These courses prepare you for being out on the road with others, handling different weather conditions, and handling your vehicle, and once you finish it, they send the certificate for the completed course to the DMV so you can go take your driver’s test, get your license, and get to the part you’re actually looking forward to.

Now, chances are your parents are a bit reserved in their feelings about letting you take your driving lessons online. We understand; they’re used to the lessons being done in a classroom setting, and they aren’t sure how good an education through a website can be for something that’s so hands-on.

The good news is, these courses are approved through the state as a valid way to learn to drive, and most states still require you to clock a certain amount of hours before getting your license, so you still get the hands-on experience they want you to have, without the distracting environment.

If they’re worried about finding one that’s suitable, we’ve covered that, too! Below I’ve configured a list of the top 4 online schools for driving classes, and reasons why we picked them.

Best Reputation – I Drive Safely

I Drive Safely has been around for quite some time – over fifteen years, in fact. This option is cool not only because it provides one of the best driver’s education curriculums around, but also because they offer a guide for parents within the course as well.

Let me tell you, I wish I’d had something like this when I was learning to drive! You know your parents have the best of intentions when yelling from the passenger side to slow down or back off the driver in front of you, but this guide helps them remain calm in their observances and instructions, and allows you to concentrate more on the road and what you’re doing, keeping the experience a safe one for everyone.

In addition to this, they are also very unique in the way they allow you or your parents to pay for the course. Rather than having you pay up front with the promise of a money back guarantee, they give you the option to pay up front or pay later, whenever it’s most convenient for you!

When signing up for the course, they’ll have you register, pick a delivery option for your Certificate of Completion (don’t worry, you won’t have to pay yet), and then pick your payment options, where you can choose to pay later on, if you choose. How cool is that?

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Best ‘Edutainment’ Factor – Improv Traffic School

You read that correctly. ‘Edutainment’ is a term coined by this online driving class for their entertaining educational value, and believe me, when it comes to value, they’ve got it. The course is simple without sacrificing any of the crucial information you need to succeed in the driver’s seat, and entertaining without being distracting.

It really is genius, the way they’ve put this together. I said before that no driver’s education class was going to be fun – this one almost makes that statement false. Sure, they’re covering all of the boring information that comes with a driving class, both on- and offline, but with their unique videos, graphics, and humor they really bring the fun factor into it like no one else can.

The only downside to this course is that they are not yet available in every state, but if you think this course is the right one for you, they make it quick and easy to check if they are available where you are. Once in, the course is broken up into 10 sections, each followed by a quiz, and then the final exam.

This makes it very easy to take the course a step at a time, and take breaks or stop and come back later on if you want or need to. Finally, they offer round-the-clock customer service, so if you have any issues or questions about the system, they are always there to help.

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Fresh and Modern Appeal – Aceable

It’s a pity that this online driver’s ed is only available in a few states currently (click here to see if Aceable is available in your state). Had it been widely available, it would be, without a doubt, my top pick. So for now, I’d say that they’re my top pick for every state it has been approved in. 

Aceable has just been awesome these past few years. Yes, they may be the newest driver’s ed in this list, but since 2018, they’ve been continuing to make improvements and updates to its course. It’s no wonder they’ve been gaining approval in new states all the time.

But you’re asking what makes them better than the other choices? I’ll give a straight answer – since it’s fairly new, its course gives students that fresh and more modern appeal compared to the courses that have been designed years ago.

And it doesn’t stop there. Aceable’s online driver’s ed course comes with amazing features that nobody else offers. It’s accessible in the smoothest running online driver’s ed app you’ll ever come across. 

Their platform runs perfectly well whether you’re using the app on a mobile device or just using the web version. So say goodbye to technical glitches and bugs that can distract you from studying.

Plus, you can’t simply ignore their extremely lovable Ace, the app mascot that will welcome you and guide you as you complete your lessons. Customer service is superb as well.

But wait, hold on. Did I mention that this course is a bit pricier than your other choices? Perhaps I forgot because, after everything I’ve mentioned earlier, I can confidently say that for the quality of education and service that you’ll receive, it’s still really worth the price.

Most Diverse – Online Teen Driver’s Ed

This one is cool because it not only offers a quality online driving class, it also offers driving courses that are worth high school credits without ever having to sit in an actual classroom.

In addition to this, it also offers driver’s education classes for both teens and adults, to make the learning experience a joint one, allowing both you and your parents to learn together, making the experience a more personally interactive one for you!

Like any other online driver’s ed class, they prepare you for the experience of the road, from interacting with the other drivers to learning what the signs mean, to how to be a courteous driver. They offer over fifty practice tests, and you can take this course at your own pace, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

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