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The below online Georgia driver’s education reviews were written by a licensed and certified driving instructor. For more detailed reviews, please click on the corresponding links below where you can see screenshots and get online drivers ed discount codes.

Georgia driver’s education courses have been online for a few years now but have only recently begun taking off in popularity. These internet-based driver’s ed classes are not only cheaper than classroom-based schools, for most students they are more effective (classrooms simply can’t match the interactive effects of online driving schools). This is one area where technology is truly a great thing.

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Choosing the best online Georgia drivers education courses

The biggest problem with using online programs to complete your Georgia driver’s education requirements is actually choosing a good online driving school. Unfortunately, most online driver education programs are very low-budget. Some of them are scams altogether. That’s why I created this page. You see, my life is so darn exciting that I took several different online driving programs and narrowed it down to the best. Boom! Your homework is done!

Below are two courses that I highly recommend. Are these the ONLY two courses you should consider? I wouldn’t go that far. Truth is, I’m only one guy and I review online drivers ed courses for states other than Georgia, so it takes a long time for me to get through them all. However, I searched online for the most popular online driver’s ed courses in Georgia and found that the two driving schools below exceeded my expectations. They are clearly better than their competitors, have a good reputation, are priced right, and have been around for more than a decade.

Best Online Driver’s Education Courses In Georgia

While other online Georgia driver’s ed courses may be of high quality, the four schools below are the ones I personally recommend.

Review #1: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafelyOf all the different driving schools I reviewed, I really like the iDriveSafely Online Drivers Ed course the most. For starters, they are the only driving course that seems to care about both the students AND the parents! While mom and dad certainly don’t have to do anything, iDriveSafely provides a lot of resources just in case (I think most parents do want to be involved – and should!).

But for the actual students, I think this is the most interactive driver’s ed course available. The graphics, cartoons, animations, etc., are all pretty high quality. Some of the videos and cartoons are a bit silly, but they do a great job at retaining interest (although I admit, I’m pretty easily amused!).

But their reputation speaks for itself. They were the very first online Georgia driver’s education program. More than 2-million people have already done this thing, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are pretty much the “authority site” when it comes to online driving schools.

For all those reasons, I put iDriveSafely as the absolute best online driver’s ed program for Georgia. In fact, they get my top pick by a very wide margin. Nobody even comes close.

Review #2: Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course LogoOk, this school certainly isn’t as high quality as the iDriveSafely course, but nobody beats their price. And for the price, you really do get a lot. While their graphics and animations are pretty low budget, they get the point across and their educational information is solid. That’s what really matters in the end, right?

Similar to iDriveSafely they’ve been around for a long time (more than 10 years) with an A rating from the BBB. This company has proven itself and has graduated more than 1-million students. So yeah, they are a safe bet if you’re on a budget.

While you lose out on some “quality” it’s still far above and beyond any boring classroom. If you prefer, they offer a DVD course and workbooks if you don’t want to do it online, so that’s a good option, too. So while this isn’t my top choice, this is a great option for Georgia driver’s education requirements, especially for those on a budget.

Review #3: MyImprov

Online Georgia Drivers Education Reviews MyImprov

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the most fun and interactive online driver’s ed while completing the Joshua’s Law requirement with MyImprov! Not only does this school offer a refreshing way of learning the basic laws and regulations of driving, but they also provide simple, easy-to-understand, and FUN materials. This includes a FREE learner’s permit practice test to help you review for your final exam. 

What sets MyImprov apart is their unique style of teaching, known as “edutainment”. They combine humor and science to come up with interesting lessons that you’ll definitely enjoy taking. They use hilarious comedy skits to explain basic driving concepts while keeping students engaged. What’s more? You’ll get 4 FREE tickets to the renowned Improv Comedy Club for completing a course with them.

Review #4: DriverEdToGo

Online Georgia Drivers Education Reviews DriverEdToGo

Lastly, I recommend DriverEdToGo for those who are looking for simpler course materials. Their driver’s ed course is divided into 5 digestible chapters which can be completed within 5 hours. They also have a PrepWizard to help you ace the DMV exam. Plus, you can even earn 2.5 Points of High School Credit (issued by Orion High School) from this school. It doesn’t stop there, they have this cool read-along feature which is an audio narration track that will read your course aloud as you follow along with the text.

DriverEdToGo has served over 6 million customers already within their 20 years of educational experience. Not only are their courses state-approved in Georgia, but they are also truly convenient and easy to follow.

Is Georgia Online Drivers Ed Better Than A Classroom-Based Course?

Most driver’s ed students in Georgia seem to enjoy the online driver’s ed courses better than the classroom-based courses. Since online courses are interactive, it’s easier for students to pay attention. Also, students have the ability to rewind the course and even log in and out at their own pace. That means, if someone is just too tired and can’t concentrate, no problem! Just come back later! With a classroom-based course, you don’t have this kind of flexibility.

It’s important to note, however, that some students do prefer a classroom-based course. A classroom-based driver’s ed course is best for those who do not work well independently. Also, taking your Georgia driver’s ed online will require self-motivation. If you’re not motivated to complete the course, a classroom-based course is probably best. Each student will react uniquely to both online or offline courses – you know yourself, so do what you feel the most comfortable with.

How To Save Money On Private Online Drivers Education Courses in Georgia

If you use our discount links above, you will be able to save a few bucks and in most cases, get the lowest price guarantee. But also, don’t forget about your tax credit. If you are a parent or guardian of a child taking an online driver’s ed course in Georgia, you can get a tax credit to help offset the costs. Check out the below video for more info.

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