The Top 3 Most Popular Online Drivers Ed Courses

Ditch The Points: Go To California Traffic School Online

As a certified driving instructor, I think taking drivers ed online is a great idea for teens learning how to drive. Not only is it less expensive, but it is proven to be more effective than a classroom. Kids learning how to drive today have never lived life without computers or even the internet. Most of them won’t remember what life was like before cell phones! Just crazy! Teens have been playing with gadgets for years including video games, MP3 players (remember those?), smart phones and tablets. This has lead to a shift in our educational approaches in this country. Young adults now seem to need an interactive learning environment. Taking drivers ed online provides students with interactive games, videos, music, cartoons and funny pictures. A classroom just doesn’t stack up.

Students Learn When They Are Ready

If that wasn’t enough, students are also able to take their drivers ed course at their leisure. No forced class times. If a student isn’t ready to learn, they don’t have to. But trust me, most teens have absolutely no trouble getting through their online drivers ed course as fast as they possibly can!

Yes, Online Drivers Ed Is Safe & Effective

Many parents worry that an online drivers ed program will not be as good as a classroom. I’ve been a certified driving instructor for several years now and can assure you, it’s not only as effective, it’s more effective for most teens. Sure, all students learn differently and there probably are some students that would do better in a traditional classroom. But for the majority, as long as you sign up for a high quality course, taking drivers ed online is a great way to go for everyone involved.

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The Best Online Drivers Ed Course Overall

I think the best overall online drivers ed course is the iDriveSafely teen driver course. iDriveSafely has actually been providing home-based drivers ed since before the internet. They used to send out VHS tapes (another item teens might not know about!) and workbooks. Those days are long gone and they brought their course online. As you might imagine, it has been updated many times and now includes interactive games, quizzes, videos, and all the other flashy noisy stuff teens need to stay focused. They’ve also got 24/7/365 customer support, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have had about 5 million people graduate from one of their courses. That’s a lot of guinea pigs!

The Most Entertaining Online Drivers Ed Course

If your teen is easily bored, try going with the Improv Comedy Club Online Drivers Ed course. The Improv Comedy Club chain (a national chain) began operating their own online traffic schools as a way to help make a usual boring traffic school class into something that could be enjoyed. They have since expanded into online drivers ed and it has quickly become very popular. While iDriveSafely, the first course I mentioned, takes a more “serious” approach, this is more on the goofy and entertaining side of things.

The Most Sophisticated Online Drivers Ed Course

Of these top three most popular online drivers ed courses, is probably the most updated. For a little while, their course was actually getting out of date and I was a vocal critic of that. But a little more than a year ago, they seem to have pushed through some really nice updates. The animations now have a nice 3D appearance to them, the videos are updated, and there are even interactive games to play that help students retain information. This course will also work well on mobile and tablet devices. Like the other two courses, they have been around for over a decade and have had millions of students graduate their online courses.

These Top 3 Most Popular Online Drivers Ed Courses Are Not Your Only Options

I actually do highly recommend you stick with one of the top 3 courses. They have become the top 3 most popular online drivers courses for a reason – they are good at what they do. They’ve also been around for a long time. You can always get a full list of every online drivers ed course approved in your state and research them all, or you can check out some of my other online drivers ed reviews, but if my own child was taking drivers ed online, I would definitely go with one of the above three courses.

Good luck and drive safely!

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