Taking Drivers Ed Online? Comparing The Top 3 Drivers Ed Courses Online

Taking Drivers Ed Online Comparing The Top 3 Drivers Ed Courses Online

Thinking about taking drivers ed online? As a former driving instructor, you might think I’m against drivers ed students taking drivers ed online, but the opposite is actually true. While everyone has their own learning style, I’ve found that the vast majority of students retain information much better when they go through an online drivers ed course.

Taking drivers ed online has many advantages. As if being able to take the course at your own pace and on your own time from wherever you have an internet connection wasn’t enough, the course material is simply delivered in a way that helps students learn the information better.

Think about it – if you’re learning about boring driving laws or the meaning of different road signs, do you think you’d retain that information better while being lectured to or while going through interactive games and quizzes?

Going through drivers ed online is without a doubt the best way to complete the “classroom” portion of your driver training.

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Take Drivers Ed Online Using The Best Company!

Taking drivers ed online will cost you about the same amount of money no matter who you sign up with, so of course, you’d want to sign up for the best course you can find, right? Problem is, you have no idea what the best course is. Maybe you have a friend or someone that can recommend an online drivers ed course for you, but there really isn’t any drivers ed course online that is all that recognizable.

So, since I’m “in the industry” and know all about these online drivers ed companies, I’m going to share with you my top 3 recommendations for taking drivers ed online. The first school I list is my personal favorite, but I recommend you just check out each of the below schools then sign up for the one you think looks the best. Any of these online drivers ed programs will get the job done. The 3 schools I recommend are as follows:

  1. Aceable (Top Pick)
  3. Teen Driving Course

#1: Aceable (Top Pick!)

Aceable Drivers Ed

In my, ahem, professional opinion, Aceable is the indisputed best drivers ed class you can take online. These guys have really disrupted the online drivers ed industry by launching what I believe to be the absolute best online drivers ed course, ever. I know, strong language there, but I really do believe that. The only real issue with them is they are only approved in a handful of states right now. Here are the states they are certified in for teaching drivers ed online:

  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • Nevada
  • Pennsylvania

If you live in any of those states, I very highly recommend Aceable. This online drivers ed program was just developed about a year ago and is, therefore, the most current and technologically advanced drivers ed course you can take online. They have 360-degree videos, VR if you happen to have a VR headset, interactive games, videos, animations, and it works the best on mobile devices. At the very least, check them out as you should definitely consider Aceable.

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Unlike Aceable, has been around for a very long time. They actually started back in the 90’s with homeschool drivers ed packets that they would send in the mail. In the early 2000s, they saw the industry-changing and were one of the first privately owned online drivers ed courses to become available. In that time, they have made many improvements to the course and have really mastered teaching drivers ed online.

Another nice thing about is they are certified in most states, so if Aceable wasn’t available in your state, see if is certified where you live.

One really unique aspect of is their 3D looking videos that also have a “choose your own story” type of format. You’ll see a car driving down the road, and when a situation arises, YOU make the decision for what to do. This is a pretty cool feature.

All in all, is probably the most recognizable online drivers ed course, plus they even operate their own fleet of behind the wheel cars and instructors. Ask them about getting a discount on behind the wheel training once you get signed up!

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#3: Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course is another online drivers ed program that has been around for decades. This is also a great option if you live in a state that doesn’t have a lot of approved online drivers ed programs since Teen Driving Course is certified in the most states.

Teen Driving Course is also a great option for the budget-minded. While I believe this course is a little more outdated than my other two recommendations, they make up for it by guaranteeing the lowest price. If you find a lower price somewhere else, they will match it.

While Teen Driving Course does work on mobile devices, I’ve found that this course runs much better on a desktop or laptop. Again, while this course is a bit lower priced, that is also due to the course being a little more outdated. If you can put up with some older videos and more of a text-based approach to the coursework, this is still a great option and one of the best drivers ed programs you can take online.

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Points for Comparison: How to Choose the Best Online Driver’s Ed for You

So you have all the options laid down for you already. The next question is, how can you tell which one is the best?

I can confidently say that these 3 schools mentioned meet the following criteria already: credibility, quality, and affordability – in terms of value for money.

We don’t want to focus on these factors at this point because we already have the best options available. The key is not to ask which one is the best, but which one will suit your learning needs the most.

So, you may want to ask yourself first what type of learner you are. There are 4 types: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or reading/writing learners.

Once you can figure this out, you’ll be able to determine what to look for.

Visual learners absorb information best when they can visualize what is being explained, so they usually need visual illustrations to quickly understand the lessons. In this case, video-based courses that utilize videos and animations to explain complex ideas will work for them the best. MyImprov’s Comedy Skit and Memes might also help here.

Auditory learners will do better if the course provider they choose offers audio-read-along features. While reading/writing learners may do well if they choose a pure text-based course format.

Meanwhile, kinesthetic learners will appreciate interactive lessons that utilize games and quizzes to reinforce ideas. DriverEdToGo, for example, has a dedicated Games Corner that you can visit anytime.

A Warning Tale About Taking Drivers Ed Online

Before taking drivers ed online or signing up for an online drivers ed class, make 100% certain it is certified in your state! All of the above online drivers ed courses I recommended will verify your eligibility, but not all online drivers ed companies are that nice. Sure, they might tell you in tiny little print that they are not certified, but they are as deceptive as legally possible. I receive emails from drivers ed students quite a bit stating that they signed up for a course, went through hours upon hours of coursework, and then realized they were taking a course that isn’t certified in their state. Taking drivers ed online is better than a classroom, but nobody wants to take it twice!

Final Thoughts About Signing Up For Drivers Ed Online

Being able to go through drivers ed online is a perk only the most recent generation gets to enjoy. Most parents find the idea of online drivers ed to be a bit bizarre. After all, how can you learn to drive over the internet!?

Well, taking drivers ed online is more about learning the boring stuff. Rules of the road, safe driving tips, accident statistics, distracted driving info, tips for driving in bad weather, etc. Once all of that boring stuff is out of the way, actually learning how to drive is just like the old days, one-on-one with a driving instructor and/or a guardian.

As a former driving instructor, if you’re feeling apprehensive about taking drivers ed online, I’m here to reassure you that it’s actually something I recommend.

Best of luck to you and drive safely!

Page last updated last January 2023.