Why Taking Drivers Ed Online Is Better Than A Classroom

People that take drivers ed online receive a host of benefits that traditional classroom students are not able to obtain. Technology is everywhere in this day and age. It has found its way into homes, businesses, and even schools. Information is readily available to people with the simple swipe of a finger through cellular data plans, and it is easy to access the internet on any device thanks to the many modern ways we have to get connected. Adults, teens, and even children have grown accustomed to the modern conveniences, and they expect nothing less from a drivers ed online experience, either. These courses and in-car driving lessons are required by all U.S. states.

It Is Crucial To Research The Best Course To Take Drivers Ed Online

Teens spend enough time in classrooms as it is, and the last thing they want to do is visit one while they are not in school. Summer vacations and weekends are supposed to allow them to rest and relax. After all, between homework, the peer pressure associated with high school, and extracurricular activities, being a young adult is stressful. Drivers ed online is an ideal solution for letting students remain comfortable as they can learn from home and even stay in their pajamas while doing so. Researching the different drivers ed online options is vital. Rather than choosing an online drivers ed course at random, one must do the legwork to ensure that they find a legitimate program with an outstanding reputation. Of course, the same things can be said for brick and mortar locations. Good (and bad) driving skills are learned early on, so choosing a good school is crucial.

Some Recommended Courses To Take Your Drivers Ed Online

Depending on the driving school you choose, parents may have to pay an additional cost for in-car driving lessons, but most drivers ed online courses are affordable and relatively budget-friendly. Many of these online drivers ed courses also offer their own behind-the-wheel driver training or work with local driving schools to give you discounts. As for the “classroom” portion of drivers ed, for about the same price of one to two tanks of gas, teens can get enrolled in an online classroom.

Some of the most notable courses where you can take drivers ed online include…

1. is one of the oldest and most well established online drivers ed courses in the U.S. They’ve been around for decades and have had millions of students graduate successfully. Another big advantage of is that they also offer their own instructor taught behind the wheel programs with their own vehicles and instructors. If they don’t offer behind the wheel training in your area, they can help you work out a good deal with a local driving school.

One thing I really like about is the 3D animated videos where students must make their own driving decisions and respond to driving hazards as if they were behind the wheel. There are also some fun games to help students retain the boring, but important stuff. For example, memorizing road signs and their meanings is boring, but helps students retain this information by playing an interactive game. All in all, it doesn’t get much better than

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2. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is a relative newcomer in the drivers ed online space, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Since they are a newer course, it was just designed from the ground up a few years ago. That makes Aceable the most mobile-friendly and modern course available today. They are the online drivers ed course I know of that has a dedicated app for any device you want to use, and of course, you can switch between devices at any time. If you plan to take the bookwork portion of your drivers ed online and mostly by using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, Aceable is probably the best bet for you.

Another thing I really like about Aceable is how well made their animations and interactive features are. Their mascot, Ace, will guide you through the entire process. By the end of the course, you might even be sad to say goodbye to Ace! Here’s a video that shows some of the things you can do with Aceable during the course. This is a 3D video, so be sure to look around on your mobile device or use your mouse to get a 360 view on your computer/laptop…

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3. Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course

Teen Driving Course is another proven school where you can take drivers ed online. This program has existed even before online drivers ed courses existed. Before the internet, they provided home study kits through the mail using pamphlets and VHS tapes (remember those?!?). In the late 1990s, they brought their drivers ed training online. Since they launched, millions of teens have chosen this course to complete their classroom drivers education requirements. They are approved in most states, so if either of the options listed above isn’t certified in your specific state, there’s a good chance this one will be.

There are two nice things that Teen Driving Course has going for them right now. The first is that they are almost always the cheapest online drivers ed option available. If you find a cheaper place to take drivers ed online, they will match or beat that price. The second advantage they have is that the coursework has been recently updated. It was getting out of date for a little while, but they now have all the modern features an online drivers ed course should have. It’s mobile-friendly, they have interactive videos, you can go at your own pace, and they also offer live chat support if you have any problems along the way. Teen Driving Course should be a top consideration.

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4. Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School, as you might imagine, began as a traffic school and defensive driving program for people who received a traffic ticket. They started way back in the early ’90s by bringing Improv Comedy Club stand-up comedians into traffic school classrooms. Improv Traffic School realized that traffic school is insanely boring, so they added a humor aspect to help make it more tolerable. Once online traffic school became a thing, they brought this same comedic format to their online programs. And finally, they applied this same philosophy to online drivers ed courses as well. They call it “edutainment”.

Obviously the biggest differentiator of Improv Traffic School is their comedy approach. Not everyone has the same sense of humor, but I personally found this course to be quite entertaining. It really helps students to retain information if they’re not falling asleep. From goofy games to funny jokes and videos, this course really does feel more entertaining than the rest. I mostly recommend this online drivers ed course for those who have a shorter attention span and need frequent breaks from the study material.

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5. iDriveSafely


iDriveSafely is another top choice for taking drivers ed online. This online drivers ed course has many years of experience as it launched in the early 2000s. As with some of the other courses on this, they too have had literally millions of students go through their program. When you’ve had that many students, it’s pretty legit and trustworthy. This online drivers ed course is mobile-friendly, you can go at your own pace, and they offer customer service through multiple formats like live chat, phone, and email.

What sets iDriveSafely apart from the rest is the way they teach the information. They have a full cast of animated characters that walk you through each phase of training. My favorite character is the car air freshener! These animated characters form a story as you progress through the course, providing an entertaining way of teaching the information. Along the way, you’ll have access to pictures, graphics, games, and fully interactive features. iDriveSafely is one of the most entertaining drivers ed courses online today.

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Don’t just trust our recommendations though, check out their sites, look over client testimonies, and decide for yourself which one to choose. They are all accredited and offer a wide selection of courses for drivers education or defensive driving. Different techniques are utilized like videos, humor, and practice tests to teach students the laws and safe operating procedures. Parents are going to worry about their child’s well being while they are out and about, but these programs help to prepare the new drivers for situations that they may encounter to stay safe. So, secure your teen’s place in a drivers ed online school today, and aid in their development as a cautious, trustworthy motor vehicle operator.

A Major Advantage Of Taking Drivers Ed Online

A significant advantage of taking a drivers ed course online is that you can complete the work at your own pace. That means permits can be acquired quickly, and new drivers can get on to the next portion of the process. Most of these online driving schools have apps that make studying a cinch on smartphones, laptops, desktops, and other devices. These technologies allow students to learn at home, or while on-the-go, just do not try to become educated while driving. Attempting this feat will likely result in an accident occurring, which can cause damages to the family vehicle or other cars and lead to participants sustaining injuries of varying severities.

Taking Drivers Ed In A Classroom Is Boring & Distracting

Not all teens have an extended attention span, and they go to great lengths to find things to keep themselves amused. Passing notes, shooting spitballs, and talking among each other are common disturbances when you get a bunch of students together in one room. Your child’s learning experience can become hindered, and even if they are not partaking in the activities. Drivers ed online eliminates other parties from the equation so that pupils can learn and retain the information to achieve the best results.

Taking drivers ed online is also really boring. Who wants to be lectured at and told to read books to memorize driving laws? Learning to drive should be FUN, which is what most of the online drivers ed programs are able to do. Some things are better learned in an interactive environment and learning drivers education fits that bill.

Additional Reasons To Take Drivers Ed Online

Filling up a vehicle’s gas tank feels like you have to pay with an arm and a leg these days. Just looking at the prices on signs while driving down the road is enough to create anxiety. These costs are not new, and they have been this high for quite some time. Therefore, it stands to reason that they will remain this expensive, or go up even higher, but lowering is probably entirely out of the question. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck, and the additional cost of having to transport their child to the school would put an additional strain on the family’s already tight budget. However, drivers ed online is the ideal remedy for this dilemma. Until it is time for driving after the permit is obtained, your teen will not need to get from point A to point B. Instead, they can efficiently learn the information from their bedroom, the family room, or anywhere with internet access. There is nothing to lose, and only a safe driver to gain that will help the household by picking up groceries and dry cleaning from shops or other siblings from school. If all these reasons still are not enough to convince parents about the benefits of drivers ed online, they should consider the possibility of receiving a discount on their insurance bill. After completing the course, students will receive a certificate, and many insurance companies will reward their clients for the hard work in becoming a safer driver.