How To Take Drivers Ed At Home

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If you want to take drivers ed at home, you’re in luck. Now that we live in the awesome age of the internet, finding an online-based drivers ed course is simple. While not all states allow you to fulfill your classroom or bookwork online, it is certainly the growing trend. To see if your state allows you to take drivers ed online, go to this page and choose your state.

As a certified driving instructor, I have been writing online drivers ed reviews for several years now. I’m even the co-creator of a popular and free online CDL training program for truck drivers. So assessing ways of taking drivers ed at home is nothing new for me.

Options For Taking Drivers Ed At Home

Back before the internet, there were some home-based drivers ed courses that you could take using VHS tapes (remember those?) and workbooks. Everything was done by mail. These days, it’s getting much more difficult to find courses that still use workbooks. Most of the drivers ed courses you can take from home are online based. This is actually a good thing. The online drivers ed courses are interactive, engaging, and really do help keep a students interests much better than a classroom. There’s a growing number of evidence to suggest students are much more likely to pass their driving permit exams on the first try by going through an online course as opposed to a traditional classroom. If you must use a course that is not based online for whatever reason, you should call or visit your local department of motor vehicles.

Make Sure Your Online Drivers Ed Course Is State Certified

I’ve written a bunch of online drivers ed reviews here, but if you decide to choose a homeschool drivers ed course that is not on my list, make sure it is state-certified. The last thing you want to do is go through a full online drivers ed course and then find out you get no credit for it in your state. They do not make exceptions. Make sure the course is 100% certified in your state.

What About Behind The Wheel Training?

Yes, eventually you’ll have to leave the house in order to complete your behind the wheel training. Fortunately, there are many online drivers ed courses that also operate their own drivers ed cars. This online drivers ed program will come pick you up and drop you off at your house before and after each lesson – not bad! If they don’t operate any training vehicles in your area, they will help you locate a good local driver training company to work with.

Is Taking Drivers Ed At Home Safer?

Many parents worry that taking drivers ed at home is not going to provide their kids with adequate training. Fortunately, this is a misconception. While there are some students who will do better in a classroom, online drivers ed courses are designed with teens in mind. They are fun, interactive, usually feature a cast of animated characters, include videos, animations, games, diagrams, interactive quizzes, and checkpoints along the way to make sure they are retaining enough information. And for parents, any reputable online drivers ed course will provide a full and complete guide.

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