How Cheap Online Driving Lessons Can Still Be Safe And Effective

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Cheap driving lessons through online drivers education doesn’t necessarily mean ineffective or unsafe driving lessons. Driving is the most dangerous activity that we, or our kids, perform all day long. So naturally, people seek out the best and safest driver training programs. But at the same time, most of us are on a budget and simply can’t afford the thousand dollar drivers ed course downtown. So what’s the answer? Do we keep our kids from driving? Or do we risk sending them through a poor-quality driving school and hope for the best? Luckily these days, cheap doesn’t mean unsafe.

Minimize drivers ed costs while maintaining safety

If you’re on a budget, this is one area where you are actually able to skimp. Why? Because in this rare case, cheap driving lessons can actually be the safest option! There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a course that you or your child will simply fall asleep or daydream in.

Using internet-based educational programs instead of standard classroom training is an excellent alternative and is easily the cheapest way to learn all of the “bookwork” behind driver training. Not only are online driving schools cheaper, but they are also more effective.

Do Online Drivers Ed Courses Make Sense?

As a long-haul truck driver (check out my trucking blog!), I’d actually prefer if more parents enrolled their teen drivers into online drivers education programs

I’ve personally gone through both classroom training as well as online driver training and hands down, I learned best with the cheap driving lessons offered online. 

Don’t get me wrong, the classroom setting certainly has its advantages, but I feel there are more advantages to online driver’s ed programs.

What are the Advantages?

Interaction! It’s hard to daydream and quit paying attention because the cheap driving lessons offered online require that you participate. You need to click into new pages, complete mini-quizzes, participate in little games and answer questions. It can get pretty intense! In fact, I recommend that all parents sign their kids up for these internet-based driver training classes even if their teen has already completed a classroom-based course. 

These online driving training schools are truly unique in their ability to get teens (and adults!) to pay attention, learn, and retain information. The odds of passing the permit test alone increases dramatically by taking an online course vs. a classroom course (most teens fail their permit test on the first try).

Another benefit online classes can provide lies in the simple fact that it’s available 100% online. Your teens can take them wherever they are, whenever they are ready. Its convenience somehow gives your teens a sense of independence, too. Because it shows that you can trust them to finish the course even without a supervising adult.

What’s more? Most online driver’s education offers insurance discounts and various freebies and special features that can make learning enjoyable for them. 

They will even be given a lot of course options. If they want a straightforward course, they can choose one that relies more on text. If they are more comfortable learning while having fun, they can choose courses that utilize jokes and humor in teaching basic driving concepts, such as MyImprov.

What are the disadvantages?

Obviously, the main disadvantage is that the driver’s ed student can’t ask instructors specific questions. That means you, as a parent, must take this role.

Many parents don’t feel confident enough to provide answers to tough teen driving questions. If you’re one of them, you might want to consider a classroom-based driving course instead. 

But keep in mind, you’ve been driving for many years now. And chances are, aside from a hiccup or two (we all screw up from time to time), you’ve driven thousands of safe miles (maybe even hundreds of thousands) in all different weather conditions in all different kinds of traffic. 

So is a “professional” instructor really needed for the classroom portion of drivers ed? There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to answer just about any question your teen throws at you. 

If you can’t answer a question, look it up! Most Department of Motor Vehicles facilities has free “Rules of the Road” books which every driver should have anyway. You also have the power of the internet at your fingertips.

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.” Instead, say “that’s a great question, let’s look it up” then find the answer together. You should never stop learning how to drive and your teenage driver should be taught that.

What classroom and online drivers ed programs are all about

The bookwork and classroom portion of a driver’s education program is not set up to teach a teen how to drive. It is only there to teach them the basics such as driving laws, road signs, and basic right of way regulations. As long as they pass the driving theory test or driving permit test, that’s all that really matters. The real learning comes from behind-the-wheel training. Speaking of which…

Finding Low Cost ‘behind the Wheel’ Drivers Training

Whether you sign up for online practice driving theory tests or sign up for a full-blown and state-approved online drivers ed program, your teenage driver will still need behind-the-wheel training. Some states, such as Texas, will allow a parent/guardian to act as the driving instructor. But other states will still require a certain number of hours of behind-the-wheel (BTW) lessons from a certified driving instructor. Check out this page, then select your state for details. Most online courses will help you find quality driving instructors, or simply choose a local driving school and give them a call. Most drivers ed schools will provide behind-the-wheel training even if you don’t enroll in the full driving course. This will cut your costs dramatically!

How to choose an online drivers ed school

Cheap driving lessons are offered all over the web these days. Some of them are excellent and some aren’t all that great. Searching in Google for “cheap driving lessons” or “online drivers education courses” will yield many results, but who do you choose?

First thing first, you need to make sure that your state allows you to complete the classroom portion of drivers training online. This online driver’s ed program will let you know if you or your teen is eligible. I also like this online driver’s education school. Even if you aren’t eligible, it may be wise to sign your teen up for test question help or some sort of supplemental training. Getting a teen drivers license isn’t as easy as it used to be. About 92% of teens fail their permit test on the first try, so they can use all the help they could get these days!

The best online drivers ed programs available

If I were signing my teen up for cheap driving lessons online or an online drivers ed course, I’d probably only choose the iDriveSafely course. They were the first ones to start online driver training more than 10 years ago and over 2-million people have used them. To seal any doubts, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Another option you have is MyImprov, which, as mentioned earlier, uses humor to introduce driving concepts to teens. They call it the “edutainment” style of teaching, combining both science and humor in their approach. They have skits and jokes scattered throughout the lessons, so your teen will enjoy completing the course. They also offer affordable courses, if you consider the quality of education they provide.

Aceable is another school that’s been making a name in the past few years when it comes to providing online driver’s education. It’s a pity their course is only available in a few states in the US (this includes California, Texas, Florida – their top states – as well as in Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania). Their courses are the most interactive and most modern courses available, perhaps because they’ve been around pretty recently.

In any case, there are a ton of options out there for you. Just be sure they offer graphics and animations to go along with the training. Signing up for a “text-only” course will do little good (boring!). And also be certain they are state-approved as well. As long as those two things are met, you really can’t go wrong and you’ll save a truckload of cash in the long run while maintaining a great learning environment. Cheap driving lessons are easy to come by these days!

Who Should NOT Take A Cheap Online Drivers Ed Course

In order to successfully pass an online driver’s ed course, you need to be self-motivated. There are no set times you have to show up to class, so it’s all on you. Also, you need to be able to learn well independently. You will not get a personalized instructor or tutor to help you. On the other hand, you will be able to rewind the course and go over any sections you are having issues with. Whether you decide to take an online driver’s ed course or a classroom-based course, it all mostly boils down to personal choice.

Cheap Behind The Wheel Training

We actually don’t recommend you take cheap driving lessons for behind-the-wheel training. While a cheap driving school isn’t necessarily bad, make sure the instructors are qualified and also take a look at their training vehicles. Good habits are formed early and bad habits tend to stay with you forever. So, it’s important to find a great instructor with lots of experience and a vehicle that provides for a positive learning environment. Behind the wheel training is no place to cheap out!

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