Bill Fixers Review – Can They Really Save You Money?

Bill Fixers

Recently, I found a service called Bill Fixers. They claim to save people money on their bills and that got me wondering if they can help save people money on their auto insurance. This is a relatively new service and there are still a lot of questions I had, so I decided to probe a bit deeper and write this Bill Fixers review for anyone considering using their service.

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Bill Fixers Works With All Types Of Bills

Bill Fixers is not set up specifically for lowering car insurance. In fact, their site almost makes it sound as if they have a specialty with cable, internet, and cell phone bills. In order to get some answers, I ended up getting in touch with the two owners of Bill fixers and they were happy to answer my questions.

Not only did I get to speak with the owners, but they were totally transparent and forthcoming about their business. Their story is actually pretty cool. They are just a couple of brothers who saw the need for a service and decided to try and make a business out of it. In just over 1 year, they’ve gone from a 2 man shop to 7 people and growing.

In any case, I was told that they do have moderate success with lowering auto insurance rates, but their main specialty is indeed cable, internet, and cell phone providers. They can often times save people hundreds or even over $1,000 per year by negotiating lower rates on those services. In fact, they have a greater than 90% success rate lowering peoples bills by an average of 35%. That’s pretty impressive!

So, my conclusion is this. Don’t use the Bill Fixers service just to lower your auto insurance bill. It is certainly worth submitting your auto insurance bill since you don’t pay them unless they save you money, but if you sign up, you might as well submit your cable, internet, and cell phone bills as well since they have much higher success rates there.

Ok – But Is Bill Fixers Really Worth It?

That depends. How much do you value your time? Imagine, for a moment, that you want to lower your bills. You have a cable bill, cell phone bill, internet bill, satellite radio bill, car insurance bill, and who knows what else? Sure, you could call each of those companies one-by-one and attempt to lower your bills, but the problem is, this takes a lot of time and you probably will not succeed. Less than half of people who attempt to lower their bills on existing services actually succeed. Bill Fixers has a success rate over 90% AND they are the ones spending THEIR time going through customer service phone trees.

So, how much is your time worth? In order to lower all your bills, you’ll need to spend hours on the phone. For me, it’s just not worth the hassle, so I never even get as far as picking up the phone to try. Bill Fixers, on the other hand, negotiates bills all day long. They know all the tricks, all the unpublished phone numbers, all the unadvertised deals, and they simply kick butt at negotiating. Did I mention one of the founders just passed the bar exam? These guys know how to argue!

Some Concerns I Had About Bill Fixers

They only remaining concerns I had about Bill Fixers was my personal info. How could they negotiate on my behalf? Every time I call customer service, I have to answer secret security questions or give them pin numbers or the last 4 digits of my social security number. I also didn’t feel comfortable with someone calling my providers, pretending to be me, and making changes that I didn’t authorize.

For starters, I was happy to find out they do not need answers to secret security questions, my mothers maiden name, passwords, or anything like that. Usually the information listed on a bill is enough for them to get started. Sometimes, they need you to “authorize” Bill Fixers to negotiate on your behalf, Bill Fixers has that down to a 2 minute process. If you can say “yes” over the phone, you can authorize them to negotiate on your behalf.

And finally, they never call pretending to be someone other than Bill Fixers. They always state that they are negotiating on someones behalf. I personally have no problem with someone else negotiating my bills as long as the company they are negotiating with knows it isn’t me.

My Final Conclusion Of Bill Fixers

Bill Fixers is a small business, which I love. It is the most personable service I’ve ever come across and I think the only reason it’s like that is because they aren’t a big corporation. I also think they are providing real value to people who want to save money on their bills (which is everyone, isn’t it?). It’s one of those few services that doesn’t actually cost you anything because it pays for itself. I mean…. what’s not to love?

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