Best Online Drivers Ed In California: Our Top Picks For 2024

Best Online Drivers Ed 2020

More and more tasks are able to be completed online, and that includes things like traffic school and drivers ed. While taking online classes might seem to be a foreign concept for older adults, it’s nothing new for most teens and young adults. Taking online drivers ed in California is the way most students want to complete their “classroom” requirements these days.

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Online Drivers Ed vs. Classroom Drivers Ed

Students can take online drivers ed courses in California from the comforts of home without ever having to step foot in a stuffy, boring classroom. When a drivers ed student is first learning to drive, the process can be quite intimidating. It may sound unusual to think about taking drivers ed on a computer, but it’s actually the most popular method in 2024.

Taking drivers ed online offers several benefits. Instead of being lectured at in a classroom with dozens of other students, online driving schools deliver the course material through several different mediums. From plain text reading to watching videos, playing interactive games, and taking quizzes, students typically have a far better retention rate due to the coursework being far less boring or tedious.

And of course, taking drivers ed online can be done 24/7/365. Instead of being required to attend a class at a predetermined day and time, students can study when they are ready to study.

Which Schools Provide The Best Online Drivers Ed In California For 2024?

There are a LOT of online drivers ed courses to choose from in California, but here are reviews of the best and most popular online drivers ed courses in California. These recommendations have been updated for 2024.

1. Aceable

Aceable Online Drivers Ed

Aceable is one of the newest online drivers ed courses in California to be approved by the DMV. Normally, I recommend students to go with a more experienced online driving school, but the fact Aceable is new is actually what makes them the best choice.

Just a few years ago, Aceable invested millions of dollars into creating a brand new drivers ed courses. That means this is the most modern and updated online drivers ed course you can sign up for. While you can take Aceable using a laptop or PC, it is also a true app-based online drivers ed course. It isn’t just “mobile-friendly” like most other drivers ed courses in California, rather, they have actual downloadable apps for each device you have. This makes it work so much better. They also have some of the best videos and animations out there. Just check out this 360-degree video they have on parallel parking.

2024 Update: Aceable is once again the highest recommended online drivers ed course in California. They have held that title for the past 2 years in a row. Aceable is still the most modern and technically advanced online drivers ed course available. If you plan on taking your drivers ed coursework from a mobile device like your phone, Aceable will provide the best mobile experience out of any other course in California. I very highly recommend this school and it is my top pick for 2024.

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DriversEd Com Online drivers ed has courses for both adults and teens. While adults can certainly enjoy this course, the material is set up more for teens. Something that makes one of the best online drivers ed in California is the package deals you can get. Aside from the classwork, students can sign up for optional in-person behind-the-wheel driving instruction as well. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen their Mini-Cooper drivers ed cars driving around. In some cases, students get reimbursed for their online drivers ed course when they sign up for behind-the-wheel training. Since its inception, has successfully graduated over 10 million drivers ed students.

The lessons are 100% online, aside from the optional in-person driving lessons, and the curriculum is California DMV approved for every county. Additionally, guarantees that students will pass the final exam. was recently updated with 3D animations and updated videos. I really like their unique video feature where a driving hazard is presented and the student must decide how to avoid the hazard. This is a unique feature on but it is a really nice touch.

2024 Update: While did make some changes over the past year, mostly by updating their video content, it is mostly the same as it was last year. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. has been one of the most popular online drivers ed courses in California for decades and they have really perfected their course, so drastic changes aren’t needed every year. While it could probably use a little updating to feel more modern, there is nothing wrong with the content they have now. As was the case in previous years, is a great option in 2024.

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3. Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go has been around for decades with millions of students who have graduated from the course. Much like the other schools, it is approved by the California DMV and classes are available for both teens and adults. A neat aspect of this school is that teens may be able to earn high school credit for finishing the program as well as qualify you for insurance discounts. The rates are affordable, and the coursework is 100% online.

Students can work at a comfortable pace, as fast or slow as they like, and they can take breaks as needed. Driver Ed To Go lacks the frills and glamour of some of the other schools, but it is straightforward and easy to complete. This organization also guarantees that students will pass the exam. There is same-day processing available too for those that want everything done and over. However, some of these extras might come with additional fees, so be wary of what you order.

2024 Update: Driver Ed To Go made some very big changes in 2018, but not has changed since then. Some of their course material was starting to get outdated, but they completely updated their entire course with fresh new videos, written content, and even some new interactive games just a couple years ago. Driver Ed To Go works very well on phones and tablets and they still provide above-average customer service. For these reasons and more, they remain a top recommendation in 2024.

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4. iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely New York I-Pirp Traffic School Online

iDriveSafely is another online driving school that has classes available for both adults and teens. The school has about 20 years of expertise on its side. Since opening, iDriveSafely has served more than 6 million clients. There is no smartphone app, so the lessons have to be done in a web browser, but it is still mobile friendly so you can take the course from just about any internet-connected device. iDriveSafely is one of the best online drivers ed schools in California according to verified customer reviews. The curriculum is California DMV approved for every county, 100% online, and offered in either text or video-based formats. These classes are also affordable, so there is no need to break open your piggy bank or dig under the sofa cushions looking for funds.

The lessons can be completed quickly, but many people feel as if they lack the pizzazz and entertainment value of some of the other online drivers ed courses listed here. Customer support is ready and willing to help 7-days a week should the student have any questions. Regardless of your needs and wants, iDriveSafely is worth checking out.

2024 Update: iDriveSafely is essentially the exact same as it was last year, but they did make a few changes to the course to make it function better on mobile devices. They also upgraded their “identity verification system” which is required for all online drivers ed courses in California. It ensures that YOU are really the one taking the course, but their old system was prone to glitches. Their new system is no longer causing those problems. iDriveSafely remains one of the best online drivers ed courses in California for 2024.

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You can’t go wrong in choosing any of these online drivers ed schools. They all have unique pros and cons, but each of them provides you with the needed information to become a safe, responsible driver. The differences usually come into play in the way that the data is delivered. So, check each of them out and decide for yourself which would be the most enjoyable for you.