Best Dashboard Camera Brands In 2024

Best Dashboard Camera Brands

Technological advances, modern-day conveniences, and overall quality attribute to fads, gimmicks, and products being on top one minute, then at the bottom the next. There is always an important question that needs addressing before purchasing a dashboard camera. Does a brand make that much of a difference to the quality of the camera? The answer is likely harder to answer than you think.

Functionality, ease of use, recording abilities, or various other features often make one brand stand out among the rest in your decision-making process.

These unbiased reviews allow you to decide which dashboard camera brands are right for you. Before buying a cam, do thorough research, to find a top-quality one that is built to last, rather than because it has an aesthetically pleasing design.

Goluk – A Top Contender For The Coveted Best Dashboard Camera Brands Title

Sleek and elegant, the Goluk T2 FHD Dash Cam, provides your vehicle with a stylish look. It complements, and enhances, a broad range of car interiors, making it a good option for when appearance is a concern. Selling at a very reasonable price, with all of the features that it offers, puts it in contention for the best dashboard camera brands title.

Key Features Of The Goluk T2 FHD Dash Cam

Aside from being pretty to look at, this camera offers various functions that are easy to operate. Some of the key features that make this it stand out as one of the best dashboard camera brands are…

  • Loop recording that captures driving events
  • The ability to playback videos through wireless mobile control
  • Social media capabilities to upload weather conditions and road hazards
  • An expansion memory of up to 64GB
  • Motion detection to keep your car safe while it is parked is possible with a required voltage regulator cable

The packaging contains everything you need to complete a professional looking install. It even comes with a 16GB Evo memory card, which is required, but not always included with your purchase. Simple to set-up, with an easy to follow along with user manual, capturing vividly detailed images, while remaining user-friendly, makes this one of the best dashboard camera brands.

Equipped with a Lens 6 Glass Lens and an infrared filter aperture, at an angle of 152-degrees, it takes stunning videos, regardless of the degree of darkness outside. The company also offers stellar 24-hour email contact service, making it easy to reach them. An 18-month worry-free warranty, from the date of purchase, ensures that you are completely satisfied with your product. All of these incredible features and services contribute to this being one of the best dashboard camera brands.

Vantrue – Also Worthy Of The Title

The Vantrue N2 Dash Cam has a gorgeous style that brings an elegant, sophisticated, and professional look with it, that is capable of adding to the natural beauty of your car’s interior. Although this cam is pretty to look at, that is not the only reason that it should be considered one of the best dashboard camera brands. It comes equipped with functions and features that capture detailed video of the road ahead, as well as the cabin of your vehicle, keeping you safe in a variety of different ways.

Components That Make The Vantrue N2 One Of The Best Dashboard Camera Brands

Mostly black in color, the camera is simple to keep concealed. The package contains a suction cup mount that holds the camera securely in place. However, it is also easily removable, giving you the ability to take it down if the need arises. Unlike the worthy adversary mentioned above, this camera does not include a memory card, and the manufacturer recommends using a Samsung Evo 32GB card. If this is your brand of choice, be sure that you have a compatible card to get your camera set-up more quickly.

Coming equipped with dual recording functionality, the Vantrue N2, is a smart choice for Lyft, Uber, or other drivers. The front facing camera records at 1440x1080P/30fps, while the rear cam records at a respectable 1280x720P/30fps. What exactly does that mean? It provides you with crystal clear images that are defined and easy to see, out in front of your vehicle, as well as in your front and back seats. Other noteworthy bells and whistles provided to you by one of the best dashboard camera brands include…

  • A front camera angle of 170-degrees
  • 140-degree rear cam angle
  • Optional GPS functionality
  • Loop recording
  • Time-lapse recording abilities, as well as motion detection mode
  • Emergency lock detects sudden impacts and records those instances accordingly

This brand Offers superb customer service, a 30-day money back guarantee, and an 18-month free replacement for quality related issues, this camera is worthy of being called one of the best dashboard camera brands. It is not the most monetary-friendly camera, as it sells for $169.99 at, but it also offers you more than a lot of the other cameras on the market today.

Pruveeo – The More Budget-Friendly Option

Cameras that cost less are given a bad wrap about being made poorly, or recordings are of bad quality. The Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam sells at Amazon for $39.99 and has a few features that make it worthy of being discussed as one of the best dashboard camera brands. Rather bulky, and not necessarily sleek in appearance, if having discreet qualities are important to you, this may not be the best option. The screen is easy to see, and the function buttons are easy to use, but it still may be too big for some people’s taste.

The Pruveeo MX2 allows for two cameras to be used with one device, which allows the driver to achieve optimal angles to record. Offering loop and high definition recording of 720P x 480P resolution, at 30 fps, videos are defined and easy to make out. The packaging contains everything you need to get started, except for a compatible 32GB Class10 Micro SD Card, which you must purchase separately.

Whether money, quality, or performance are determining factors in your decision-making process, these three brands are deserving of being considered. Not all brands are created equal, and inquiring knowledge about multiple options like these allows you to get the most bang for your buck.