Best Adult Drivers Ed Courses Online: Our Top Picks For 2024

Best Adult Drivers Ed Courses Online 2020

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace over the years. Smartphones, tablets, and computers seem to grow more powerful with each passing day. Better yet, connecting to the internet has never been easier than it is in 2024. Maybe you’re old school and like to use a PC or laptop when browsing the internet, or maybe you prefer to use your Smartphone instead – in either case, you can now complete your adult drivers ed course entirely online, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Want The Fast Answer? This Is The Best Adult Driver’s Ed Course Online

Literally millions of people take driver’s ed and traffic school online each year. To some, learning how to drive online may seem like a strange concept. However, learning the rules of the road online is far better than sitting in a classroom for most drivers ed students. Taking your adult drivers ed course online enables you to learn through interactive features, videos, animations, and even games. You can also work at your own pace and on your own schedule, so the advantages of taking adult drivers ed online far outweigh the cons for most.

Just be aware, there are scams to go along with the legitimate drivers ed courses, so you need to be careful who you go with. Read reviews like this (and elsewhere), do some other research, and even ask friends about their experiences to discover the best adult drivers ed courses where you live. Also, be aware that there are a lot of very low-quality courses as well. They are entirely legitimate, but many adult online drivers ed courses are extremely outdated.

The 4 Best Adult Drivers Ed Courses Online In 2024

There are several adult drivers ed courses you can choose from online, but these are the best of the best and they aren’t any more expensive than the low-quality, text-only courses. As always, make sure you do your own research, but hopefully, these comparisons and reviews of the best adult drivers ed courses in 2024 are helpful and give you a good starting point.

1. Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable is relatively new to the scene, but it is technologically advanced and the preferred choice of many students. It features a well-built smartphone app for both the iOS and Android platforms. Everything, aside from the in-person driving, which must be completed independently, is 100% online. The courses keep students engaged and entertained with interactive content, animations, text, and videos. Progress gets saved as the student goes, which means they can take breaks or switch devices without losing their place.

The most substantial issue with Aceable is that it is not accepted everywhere yet. It is DMV certified in many states such as California, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. If the driver lives in one of these locations, they are all set and just need to sign up. However, folks that reside in other places should move on to the next name on this list of best adult drivers ed courses online.

2024 Update: Aceable easily remains my top pick for 2024. Even though they were already the best adult drivers ed course online last year, they have continued to regularly update their course material. If you plan on taking any of your course on a mobile device, you really shouldn’t look any further. No course comes close to the mobile-friendliness of Aceable. If I had to give just one recommendation, Aceable would easily be it.

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2. is a proven and established name in the industry. It is one of the best adult drivers ed courses online as over 11 million students have used it to complete their drivers ed requirements. One downfall of is that it seems more appropriate for teens. The majority of their course material was developed for teen drivers ed courses and those courses were then repurposed to create an adult drivers ed course. Most of the adult courses are just condensed and shortened versions of the teen driver programs. However, everything takes place 100% online, and the school even offers optional in-person driver training packages with their own driving instructors. The coursework can be done on a computer or mobile device, but does not have a dedicated app yet so it will need to be done in a mobile browser.

Another pro that makes one of the best adult drivers ed courses online is that it is DMV certified in most states. So, the chances are good that it is approved for your hometown. The classes are also affordable, which is always a plus in the modern world as people don’t like spending an arm and a leg on something like driver’s education.

2024 Update: made some minor updates to the course over the past year, but for the most part not too much as changed for 2024. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as has been one of the most popular adult online drivers ed programs for decades. They’ve really gotten this down to a science and don’t need to make big changes every year. They have some very nice modern 3D videos and interactive videos that help make retaining information much easier than simple text-based courses. All in all, remains a great choice in 2024.

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3. iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2019

iDriveSafely has been around for quite some time now. Since the school’s inception, it has assisted over 5-million students in passing and graduating its courses. Students can choose from text or video-based programs, which are both affordable, but the latter is a bit more expensive. The video-based course is very well put together though with an entire cast of animated characters that bring you through the entire course. There is not an app though, so all of the work is only online. However, the institution is approved in more states than Aceable, and it is definitely worth a look.

Due to these things and more, iDriveSafely deserves recognition as one of the best adult drivers ed courses online. While some people think the text-only course is a bit boring, the coursework is easy to get through and the quizzes are simple to pass. By paying a little attention and sticking to the tasks at hand, students can finish their coursework a bit faster than other online driving schools.

2024 Update: iDriveSafely made some changes to the back end of their course to help make it run a bit smoother, especially on mobile devices. They also made further improvements to their “identity verification system” which is required by all online drivers ed courses. That system is in place to make sure you are really the one taking the course. It was a bit glitchy in previous years but it works much better now. They didn’t make many changes to the actual course content, but no improvements were really necessary. This remains a top online drivers ed course for adults in 2024.

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4. 2 Cool Traffic School

2 Cool Traffic School Small Logo

2 Cool Traffic School is a new addition to this list. We just added them in 2019 and decided to keep them as a top recommendation for 2024 as well. They have offered an Ohio 4 hour abbreviated adult drivers ed course since 2017, but I just found out recently that this course was being offered through them. This is absolutely one of the best adult online drivers ed courses you can take in Ohio. What I really like about this course is most of the “extras” that other online drivers ed courses charge for are included in this course. For example, 100% of the course is narrated by an animated “instructor” which many other programs charge extra for. They also offer free certificates mailed out daily instead of weekly like some other courses. With other courses, if you want expedited shipping, you have to pay more. While hardly anyone fails this course, if you happen to not pass the first time, you get free retakes as well.

While many other online drivers ed courses consist of page after page of plain text, 2 Cool Traffic School decided to spice things up a bit by providing full narration standard with every purchase. This really helps to make the class less boring and for most students, this narration increases retention rates. That means you’re more likely to pass the course and remember the most important information. You can check out their free demo to get a better idea of how the course works.

And of course, just like any other modern and high-quality online drivers ed course, you can take the course from any device. You can also stop and start the course whenever you want as they keep track of your progress. You’re guaranteed to pass and the customer service that 2 Cool Traffic School provides is among the best in the industry. This is absolutely a fantastic option to consider to complete your Ohio abbreviated drivers ed requirements.

2024 Update: 2 Cool Traffic School did not make any significant changes to their course since my initial review of them. However, this is not a bad thing as there really wasn’t anything that needed to be changed. This remains one of the best adult online drivers ed courses you can sign up for.

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Perks Of The Best Adult Drivers Ed Courses Online In 2024

For one, attending a course at a community college or another establishment puts you in a stuffy, crowded classroom. Being stuck for hours in a classroom with strangers and an instructor lecturing you just isn’t all that fun. In some cases, adults even get paired with 16-year-old drivers. Taking a course online allows you to sit in your living room (or anywhere else you have an internet connection) and you can go at your own pace.

Another perk of taking one of the best adult drivers ed courses online is value. The cost of a conventional driving class can cause people to do a double-take. Classroom-based drivers ed programs are typically more expensive than taking your course online. With these low prices, not only can adults learn to drive in a comfortable environment, but they can also do so without breaking the bank.

Time and flexibility are a few of the other bonuses associated with taking drivers ed online. These online driving schools understand that time is a precious commodity. They design the programs so that students can work on them at their own pace when the opportunity presents itself. After all, not everyone keeps the same schedule and can complete the things in the same period.