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Arizona Online Traffic School

Arizona Online Traffic Schools are now available instead of taking a traditional classroom-based course. That’s pretty cool because wasting a Saturday at a community college is never fun. With these online traffic schools, you can do it at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. That’s my kind of traffic school!

So here’s what I did. I searched in Google for Arizona Defensive Driving School and looked at the top results, researched the companies who run the schools, made sure they had a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, made sure they had secure payment options, then I went through the courses to see how they were. I didn’t always go through the entire thing, but I went through enough to know if it’s good or not. And now, I pass that info onto you.

Arizona Online Traffic School Discounts & Reviews

The traffic schools I reviewed are the best ones out there through my research and experience. Are these the only legitimate schools out there? No, probably not. There are other courses that I’m sure are very good. But I’m just one guy and I figured 3 choices were good enough to pick from. Keep in mind, there are also a lot of really bad online traffic schools and some that aren’t even legitimate. So I recommend you just pick one of the ones I listed below. If you don’t like my recommendations for whatever reason, I created a full list of state-approved online Arizona traffic schools at the bottom of this page.

Note: Taking your court-mandated Arizona defensive driving school online may not be allowed in your specific court district. The majority of Arizona courts allow traffic school to be taken online, but the below schools will double-check to make sure you’re eligible. Not all of the online traffic schools do this.

My Recommended Arizona Defensive Driving Schools

Review #1: iDriveSafely


Why I recommend them: In addition to their A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau, these guys have been around since the beginning of online traffic schools. Nearly 5 million people have already taken this course, so it is tried and tested. The videos/graphics are of higher quality, it works fine on mobile devices, and it’s the fastest course you can take by law in Arizona. The best part? You can start the course for free! I’m not going to promise you it’ll be a fun way to spend your time, but this is pretty much as good as it gets. Check out my super detailed review of iDriveSafely here.

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Review #2: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Why I recommend them: Want some comedy with your traffic school? You just found the course you want. Not only is this course actually quite humorous, but they have been around for a long time and have continuously improved the quality of the course over time. Like any other high-quality course with nothing to hide, you can start the course for free here. They don’t even ask for any payment info to start the course, so it truly is a risk-free thing. This course is owned by the Improv Comedy Club chain and they will throw in 2 free tickets to one of their nationwide comedy clubs if you take their course. So there are lots of good things going with these guys is you’re into the comedy scene. Check out my super detailed review of Improv Traffic School here.

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Review #3: Go To Traffic School


Why I recommend them: So this school is pretty good, but the main reason I listed them is that they are cheap. In fact, they guarantee to be the cheapest. I know that’s all some of you care about (can’t blame ya), so here it is. A guarantee to pay the cheapest price for your Arizona defensive driving school requirement. Even with their guaranteed lowest price, they are still backed by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and you can start taking the course for free without entering any payment info. While this may not be the highest quality course around, it’s a small sacrifice to pay in order to get the lowest price guaranteed. Check out my super detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool here.

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What Is An Online Arizona Defensive Driving School Like?

Taking your defensive driving class online in Arizona is pretty simple. The only real issue is the time commitment, the cost, and the boredom factor. Most people find it to be a much better option than a classroom traffic school or allowing their insurance rates to go up. The course normally begins with a quick introduction, then it is split up by 6 to 10 chapters covering everything from rules of the road to driving while impaired and statistics showing the dangers of driving. Some of it is interesting and some of it will bore you to death. Just remember, 10 years ago you probably would have been sitting in some stuffy classroom around other miserable schlubs trying to dismiss their traffic tickets. Doing this from home at your own pace is a much better scenario, even if it isn’t ideal.

Is Arizona Online Traffic School & Arizona Online Defensive Driving The Same?

Yes, an Arizona online traffic school is the same as a defensive driving course. Some schools call it “defensive driving” while others call it “traffic school” but it’s all the same thing and they are completely interchangeable.

What Can I Use An Arizona Online Defensive Driving Course For?

Most people use one of these courses to reduce driving points on their record due to a citation (or multiple citations – tisk, tisk), but others also use it to completely prevent a traffic ticket from appearing on their driving record. Sometimes, insurance companies will even allow you to take a defensive driving course and reduce your premiums. Check with your agent, you might just get lucky!

What Are The Advantages Of Taking Arizona Traffic School Online?

For one, you can take the course anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can pause, rewind, log out and log into the course whenever you’d like. Most online traffic schools, like this one, will simply keep track of your spot automatically. If you get bored, log out and log back in when you’re feeling super motivated to learn about driving laws. Finally, they throw in some animations, videos, and graphics to spice things up a bit. But the best part is, since you are taking the course from home, clothing is entirely optional. Nice!

Am I Allowed To Take An Online Defensive Driving Course?

If you are not a resident of Arizona but received a traffic ticket in the state, you may still be eligible to complete an online traffic school. Simply coordinate with the court system and ask for inclusion. You are allowed to take an online defensive driving course in Arizona every 2 years. However, if you hold a commercial drivers license, you are NOT eligible! Do not take the course or it will be a waste of time. As long as you do not possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you may take the course every 12 months. Your citation also must be for a non-criminal moving violation. For example, a speeding ticket or improper lane usage. Things like that. If you received a DUI or any other criminal type offense, you are not eligible for online traffic school in Arizona.

What Happens When I Finish The Course?

When you’re finished with the course, most schools take care of the rest for you. For example, iDriveSafely will send all of your completion certificates directly to the courts for you.

I Got A Ticket 2 Years Ago, Can I Dismiss It Now?

Nope, sorry! If you are enrolling in an Arizona Online Driving School for ticket dismissal purposes, you must complete the course within 7 days of your court date listed on your citation. So act fast!

I hope you found all of this information useful. Good luck and drive safely!

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