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Online Traffic School Reviews

Nobody goes to traffic school because they want to. And why would they? It often manages to pack the dullness of a 30-hour driver’s ed course into eight hours, and all just to refresh your memory line a few basic rules of the road. Chances are that the course doesn’t teach you anything you don’t already know, even if you have received a few tickets, but it’s still a formality that stands between you and your driver’s license.



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The Benefits Of The Internet Age

Fortunately, in most jurisdictions you are now allowed to put in your traffic school hours online. In fact, many counties require it, since it means they don’t have to pay for an instructor or to keep a classroom open late.

Although an online traffic school can’t do anything to make the material more exciting, it can seriously improve the presentation with interactive examples, fully integrated videos, and instant feedback on your test answers. It allows you to go through the course in the comfort of your own home, or you can even go mobile and put in your traffic school hours on your smartphone or tablet.

However, not every online traffic school is equally good. Many of them don’t take full advantage of the internet and mobile devices, and some look like they haven’t been updated since the 1990s. Others may try to trick you by not warning you if they are or aren’t certified in your state, and if they aren’t then you’ve just wasted some money and several hours on a class you’re going to have to take again. Even the good ones will offer “expedited shipping” on your completion certificate for an added fee, so make sure you finish the course early.



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Separating The Good From The Bad

By visiting, you can find out which traffic school is the best one available in your state by reading through my traffic school reviews online. Despite the fact that the material is dull and always the same, I go through each school’s course to see what it has to offer: does it have a multimedia presentation? Does it make things as interesting as possible? If it tries to make things funny, does it succeed or fail? Is it compatible with mobile technology?

My traffic school reviews online don’t stop there, either. I also check up on the school’s reputation by seeing what the Better Business Bureau and review sites like Yelp and Google have to say. I look for how many years the school has been around and how many successful graduates have taken the course. I also find out whether the site has 24/7 customer support, because some of the state-set identity requirements are so draconian that you can fail them even if you are who you say you are. Here is a quick chart showing the top rated online traffic schools.

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Going Beyond The Basics offers more than just traffic school reviews online. I’ve also reviewed several online driver’s ed courses, and I hold them to an even higher standard since they’re more than just a quick refresher course meant for drivers who should already know better. My site also has plenty of tips on safe driving and ticket avoidance which I’ve picked up from the years I’ve spent as a driver and a driving instructor. There’s plenty about driving they don’t teach in driver’s ed or traffic school, and I’m here to share.

For instance, every driver’s ed course and traffic school will tell you not to tailgate and not to speed up if someone else tailgates you, but what else can you do aside from ignoring them? Answer: try slowing down when there’s an opportunity to pass so the tailgater will stop riding your bumper and finally pass you. If that’s not an option, consider pulling over entirely. After all, you aren’t in a race and it’s not like either of you have any personal grudge against each other. You can’t stop a tailgater from rear-ending someone, but you can make sure it isn’t you.

So whether you’re looking for traffic school reviews online or tips for drivers both young and old, you’ve come to the right place. I always do plenty of research, I have thousands of hours of practical experience to draw from, and I always try to make my traffic school reviews online as informative and comprehensive as possible, not to mention the driver’s ed and safety tips. Thanks for stopping by!