Traffic School Online

Traffic School Online

For most people, traffic school isn’t ever a place they want to go, and so they try not to think about it. Unfortunately, you may wind up having to take a traffic school course whether you want to or not, and if that should happen you shouldn’t let yourself fall into the trap of going for the first and most obvious solution just so you can continue to avoid thinking about it. If you’re going to traffic school, you may as well make sure you pick out the least expensive and most interesting option available.

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Why Look Online?

Traffic laws are ultimately under state control, so while there are a lot of similarities between states to avoid confusion the particular regulations for things like drivers education and traffic school are all a little bit different from one state to the next and even one municipality to the next. As such, you can always be sure the traffic school you find at your local community center is state-certified and will let you get back on the road as soon as you pass it.

As for a traffic school online, though, you can’t be certain that a court in your state will accept its passing grade – or at least that’s how it can seem. Really, though, many such schools will tell you which states they’re qualified to teach in and every state can give you a list with each and every traffic school online whose certificates they accept. You may have to jump through some hoops to prove that you’re the one taking the course, but aside from that an online traffic school is usually more convenient.

The main reason why you’d want to look for a traffic school online, however, is because online courses can use videos and interactivity to make the time you spend much more enjoyable than sitting in a stuffy study hall or conference room watching the same decades-old videos with a course instructor who doesn’t want to be there any more than you do. The online options are still traffic schools, of course, but the access is a lot more convenient and the hours you spend on it won’t feel quite as long as they do in a physical room.

So Which Course Is Best?

Even after you’ve decided that the internet is the right format for you, you may have some trouble deciding on which traffic school online is the best option. Some are cheaper, some are more entertaining, and some won’t even bother telling you whether your state will accept their certificate.

But that’s where comes in. I’ve spent years working as a long-haul trucker with a perfect safety record, and after that I spent years working as a licensed driving instructor. I’m a big fan of driving and driving safety, and I’ve put in the time and effort to research online traffic schools to learn how many people take their courses each year, how long they’ve been around, how enjoyable the courses are, how cheap they are, and whether they have a positive online reputation and a clean sheet with the BBB.

Then, once all that’s done, I put my reviews for each traffic school here on along with any discounts or coupons I managed to find along the way. I’ve also done the same for online drivers education courses so that drivers who are just starting out can also benefit from my research. In both cases, I take every course personally and I take them every year to make sure their quality isn’t slipping. Here is a quick comparison chart to help you choose the best school.

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Do You Want More?

Because has more. Getting a government-mandated list of statistics and driving tips isn’t all that interesting even if you’re as big into driving as I am, and so my site includes many of the tips I’ve learned over the years I’ve been driving commercial trucks and personal vehicles and teaching others as a CDL instructor.

For instance, some folks’ advice for bad weather driving seems to begin and end with “don’t,” but not everyone has the luxury of avoiding the roads during a blizzard or a heavy fog. So while I’ll also tell you not to drive in bad conditions if you don’t have to, my site has advice on how to identify and avoid slipping on black ice, how to avoid running into anything in a dense fog, and how to stay on the road when the wind is howling.

Traffic schools aren’t fun (not even the relatively fun ones) and it’s understandable why most people don’t think about it when they don’t have to, but once you’re stuck with it you owe it to yourself to find the best option available. I created my site to make it easier for people who need to go to traffic school to find the best traffic school online, and I like to think I can help folks like you make a boring obligation go as smoothly and cheaply as possible.