Texas Online Traffic School

Texas Online Traffic School

Texas is a big state. It’s easily the biggest of the lower 48, and unlike Alaska it’s pretty well populated from one end to the other. Thanks to that fact, Texas has over 674,000 miles of paved roads, which is almost 300,000 miles more than California! On top of that, Texas still has plenty of beautiful wilderness areas and plenty of people who enjoy long vacations in the great outdoors, so driving is more important in Texas than it is in a state like New York or Maryland.

Unfortunately, not every driver can maintain a perfect record. Many small towns with shrinking municipal budgets rely a little too much on traffic tickets to keep themselves afloat, so even a minor traffic violation can get you fined. While you may or may not be able to afford a ticket itself, it also comes with the added cost of higher insurance rates and the possibility of losing your license.

However, Texas will forgive one minor ticket every 12 months if you go to traffic school, either in person or with a Texas Education Agency-approved online school. But considering the list of options you have for a Texas online traffic school numbers over 30, how much time will you have to spend to find the best one?

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How I Review Online Traffic Schools In Texas

At, I review online traffic schools and driver’s ed courses to let you know which ones are good and which ones aren’t worth the money. I also list them by state, just in case my personal favorite isn’t the best Texas online traffic school. I do this by running through each course to see if they take full advantage of the multimedia platform that is the internet and to find out if they’re compatible with mobile devices.

I also check out each traffic school’s record by seeing what people have to say about them on sites like Yelp and Google, not to mention their record with the Better Business Bureau. The years in operation and the number of graduates are also important figures, and I’ll go back to old reviews occasionally to see if the school is keeping up to date with new formats and new technologies. After all, a Texas online traffic school that looked just fine in 2000 would be embarrassingly old fashioned today if it never changed anything.

As an example, here are some of the top online traffic school / defensive driving courses I have found for the state of Texas so far…

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Why Traffic School Reviews?

I love driving so much it became my career. I spent several years as a long-haul trucker, and after that I became a driving instructor for commercial driver’s licenses. In the process, I also co-created the most popular free online CDL instruction course in the world.

The curriculum of a Texas online traffic school is as boring to me as it is to anyone else, but my passion for driving lets me get through the hours of repetitive material so that I can say how good it is. My years as a licensed instructor also let me evaluate whether the course covers the basics well or whether it’s misleading.

And if you’re wondering where the money for this site comes from, it’s 100 percent ad revenue. I’ve found or asked for discounts to many of the top traffic schools on my list, but none of them have paid me to write a glowing review. If a Texas online traffic school got five stars, that’s because it earned five stars by being accessible, by making full use of modern technology, by explaining the material clearly and quickly, and by being funny if and when it’s supposed to be funny.

Extra Tips For Extra Credit

If you look at the drop-down menu, you’ll see that online traffic school and driver’s ed reviews aren’t all that has to offer. Thanks to all the years I’ve spent as a professional driver and driving instructor, I’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks for how to drive safely in heavy traffic and bad weather and how to avoid a ticket. For instance, while it’s always handy to have a good excuse, you might be surprised to learn that owning up to a minor violation and apologizing is a great way to get off with just a warning!

Going to a Texas online traffic school will never be the most exciting way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, but you can at least make the time go by a little faster by picking the right site. Choosing from your dozens of options could have been a hassle, but by checking out my reviews, your traffic school experience will be relatively painless and over before you know it.