What Does It Take For Me To Enroll In A California Online Traffic School?

What It Takes To Enroll In A California Online Traffic School

Attending traffic school can be of great help to many drivers. By taking one of these classes, you have the ability to dismiss a ticket, reduce points on your driver’s license, and potentially lower your insurance rates. With these great benefits, you would think more and more people would jump on this opportunity. However attending a traffic school can be extremely hard to commit to. These classes can take several hours, forcing you to clear up your schedule and cancel other plans.

Luckily, the emergence of online traffic schools has helped to remedy this situation. With all of the course material posted online, you have the freedom to take these classes wherever and whenever you want. This means that you can pace yourself accordingly and not have to worry about sitting in a classroom for hours on end. This modern twist on a mundane and outdated idea has really helped education experts and customers alike.

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In order to participate in traffic school within the state of California, the following requirements must applicable to you:

  • Your driver’s license is valid.
  • You were operating a noncommercial vehicle when the offense occurred.
  • Your incident involved a moving violation.
  • The court indicates possible eligibility for you to attend traffic school in California.

Once you have completed the approved traffic school, you will receive an item known as a confidential conviction. This piece of paper indicates that the incident you were involved in will appear on your driving record. However, you will not receive the points that are handed out for the offense, preventing any harm to your driving record and potentially saving you massive amounts of money from your insurance rates. There have been circumstances where the court has offered traffic school to commercial license owners if they were operating a noncommercial vehicle during the time of the accident. The same rules apply in terms of a confidential conviction (incident appears on record but the points do not). Make sure that you attend a California online traffic school if you’re eligible to. If you ignore this opportunity, your insurance rates may be affected. Don’t make the foolish mistake of skipping an online traffic school.

Exclusions From Online Traffic School

There are some instances where you cannot opt to enroll in a California online traffic school. Certain instances include non-moving violations (parking tickets), equipment-related offenses, accidents that occurred under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and offenses in commercial vehicles. You’re also deemed ineligible for traffic school if you’ve attended a California online traffic school within the past 18 months. There are other reasons that exist which would exclude you from online traffic school. You can find the rest of these offenses in the California Rules of Court.

The Superior Way Of Taking Traffic School

Many education experts agree that a California online traffic school is the best way to learn material, as well as remedy your driving record situation. With intuitive lesson plans and the ability to operate at your own pace, it’s no wonder why so many people have decided to take this approach rather than attend an actual classroom session. If you need to attend traffic school for your California drivers license, consider enrolling in an online traffic school today.

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