Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips

There’s a difference between being a normal driver and a safe driver. Most normal drivers will forego important rules of the road in order to get to their destination. A safe driver will take the measures necessary in order to keep themselves, as well as others on the road, safe from any preventable harm. These safe driving tips are to help everyday safe drivers become even safer. Unfortunately, unsafe drivers aren’t really the type of people to visit sites like this, so I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here.

There are a handful of safe driving tips that you can follow in order to become a safe driver. Most of these may come across as common sense to some, but the amount of people that forego these rules is quite shocking to say the least. Let’s take a look at some of these safe driving tips now.

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Cell Phone Use

The first thing we should address is the use of a cell phone while driving. There have been multiple studies conducted that indicate that the use of a cell phone while driving is equivalent to driving while intoxicated. These studies even hold true when you are using a hands-fee device! The fact is, when you’re talking to a loved one or friend on the phone, you’re distracted. It doesn’t matter if you have the phone up to your ear, or planted on a hands-free device, your mind isn’t totally focused on driving. As a result, you’re at risk of missing something and getting into an accident.

Safe Driving Tips

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While on topic of cell phone use, don’t text and drive! Studies about texting show that, on average, a person loses about 4.6 seconds of focus on the road when typing on their cell phone, even though most people only think they spend a fraction of that time looking at their phones. To give you a better idea of how this looks, you can drive the length of a full football field in that time. Pretty scary right!? On another note, you should also avoid doing the whole “texting while stopped at a red light,” approach. Anytime that your head is down looking at the phone screen, the higher risk you put yourself in of getting into an accident. There have been so many deaths associated with the use of cell phones while driving a motor vehicle. Do you want to become part of this statistic. We’re guessing that you don’t. Therefore, be smart, and limit your phone conversation to after you get out of your motor vehicle.

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Texting While Driving Safe Driving Tips

Using Your Headlights

One of our other safe driving tips deals with headlights. You should use your headlights frequently, even if you believe that you can see the rest of the road. Using your headlights not only increases your visibility, but allows others to see you easily. Make sure that you leave your headlights on during the early morning and early evening. Failure to do so can result in an easily preventable accident. And finally, don’t just rely on your automatic headlights to come on. There will be many times you need to activate your headlights manually.

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Obeying The Speed Limit

The next of our safe driving tips deals with the speed limit. While most of us are usually in a rush to get to our destination, we must value the rules of the road. The speed limit signs posted on the side of the road are meant to help us, not inhibit us. Speeding accidents is a major contributor to fatal teen accidents. This especially holds true on roads that you aren’t familiar with. If someone is pressing right behind you, don’t succumb to pressure. Instead, let them go around you. Don’t let their reckless driving influence you into making bad decisions.

Dangers of Speeding While Driving Infographic

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