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If you’ve ever had to go to traffic school, you know it’s no picnic. It’s really more of a chore than anything else, a way to knock a few points off your driver’s license, maybe lower your auto insurance premiums, and otherwise avoid an alternative that might be less boring but is definitely more painful and problematic. So you sign up, you go to the class sessions with whoever else is unfortunate enough to have to go to traffic school, and at the end you take a test on topics you most likely already knew.

There’s A Better Way!

Online traffic schools can be an attractive alternative to the traditional in-person lessons. Even the best online traffic schools cover the same dull material, mind you, but an online school can at least let you complete the material at your own pace in your own home so you won’t have to be stuck in a stuffy room at the local DMV with an instructor who probably doesn’t want to be there any more than you do. Many states require that you spend a certain amount of time on an online traffic school, but nobody says you can’t multitask.

Aside from the more pleasant surroundings, online traffic schools also offer lesson plans you can’t experience in a physical classroom. An online school can make use of entertaining videos, interactive questions and examples, and other multimedia aids which are either too expensive or impossible to implement in person. By contrast, if your local traffic school has any videos, chances are they’re half a century old and still on VHS.

Here are some of the more popular online traffic schools you can check out, along with some coupons and discounts you can use:

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But There’s A Downside

Unfortunately, not all online traffic schools are created equal. While some schools embrace the advances of the mobile age, others look like they haven’t updated their site since the 90s. Not only does this make for an obnoxious design, it means that you may not be able to use the site on your smartphone or tablet.

Not every traffic school is registered in every state, either, and if you pay for a traffic school course that isn’t good in your state then you’ve wasted both your time and money. Ideally, every online traffic school will tell you up front which states will accept its certificate, but even otherwise reputable sites will bury this important information.

While you probably only have one traffic school in your local area, you can find dozens online, especially in states where it’s easy for a traffic school to register, such as Florida and California. This choice can be a problem if you want your traffic school experience to actually be better than the in-person classes.

We Sort The Best From The Rest

I’m the kind of guy who’s obsessed with driving. It started when I was young, and it continued into my adult life thanks to the years I spent driving an 18-wheeler for a living and acting as a certified driving instructor. In the process, I’ve taken (and given) plenty of basic and advanced driving tests, and despite all the miles, hours, and years of driving I’ve logged, I’ve maintained a perfect driving record to this day. I even helped design a free online commercial driver’s license training program.

While this means I’ve never had to go to traffic school to get rid of a ticket, it also means that I’m the exact right kind of person to go around reviewing online traffic schools. You might question my sanity after reading that, but you shouldn’t question the results: you’ll find some of the best traffic schools the internet has to offer ranked from best to worst, and just so it’s completely clear I also list which states accept each site’s certificate.

On top of the basic test of taking the course itself, I also perform research on each of the online traffic schools I review. This includes checking their Better Business Bureau ranking and seeing what other people are saying on Google, Yelp, and other review sites, and I can sometimes track down discounts and coupons just as one more good reason to visit my site. I also revisit sites I’ve reviewed from time to time to see if they’re updating their material or whether they’re slowly fading into the sea of Internet Past.

Two words that will never describe traffic school are “fun” and “interesting,” but not every school is equally boring. Online traffic schools offer a more interesting alternative than the run-of-the-mill DMV classroom, but with so many options out there it’s better to check for reviews first rather than regret your haste later.

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