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How often do you think about drivers ed or traffic schools? How often do you climb into your vehicle of choice and think to yourself, “Say, it’s about time I started driving safely. Good thing I still remember all those boring hours I spent learning what road signs mean and what defensive driving means!”

That thought has probably never crossed your mind, has it? Or if it has, it’s probably because you’re a new driver still learning the ropes in drivers ed or else you have to take a remedial course at an offline or online traffic school in order to make up for an accident or a traffic violation. And if you’re in that situation, chances are good that you probably just want to get the classes over and done with as soon as possible, and so you’ll go with whatever’s nearest and most convenient.

Find A Better Traffic School

While it may seem more efficient to save your thinking power for something you actually want to spend time on, you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at your options. An online traffic school can give you a much better experience than a classroom session by providing interactive lessons and interesting videos.

It’s not an overall good experience, mind you, since it’s still traffic school, but the (typically) six mandated hours can pass either slowly or quickly depending on which school you choose. Heck, considering that some states let you finish early if you pass an online test, those hours can go by even faster if you use an online traffic school!

But because every online traffic school is different, you may have trouble picking out the best one, and that’s where this site comes in. I started because I’m passionate about driving, and so I’ve done all the work for you of going through all the various online traffic schools I can and writing up reviews. I’ve also managed to track down some discounts for many of the courses, so if you check out my review page you’ll find both quality and value.

Here are some online traffic schools you can compare below…

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Get A Good Drivers Education

My reviews aren’t limited to online traffic schools, either. I’ve also reviewed more than a few online drivers education courses, including the special courses designed for adult drivers, and I continue to review them each year to make sure their quality isn’t flagging. I may very well be the only drivers education expert online!

There are a variety of things I look for when I’m deciding the grade for an online drivers ed course. Have they been around for ten years or longer? Do they have a large number of graduates? Do they have a positive reputation online and with the Better Business Bureau? Do they engage in scams or other underhanded ways of milking you for money? Then, when I take the course personally, I try to find out whether they’re interesting, mobile-friendly, and otherwise taking full advantage of modern technology.

Take Advice From A Pro isn’t just about reviewing what other people have to say when it comes to traffic safety. As a former long-haul truck driver with a perfect safety record and a driving instructor who co-created the most popular online commercial driver’s license training program in the world, I know a few things about safe driving and ticket avoidance that you don’t always hear in mandatory lesson plans.

For instance, when you’re driving do you watch the road right in front of you, or do you watch the horizon? You may be surprised to learn that the further forward you look, the better you are at driving in a straight line. It doesn’t sound like it should be true, but it is, and it’ll keep you from weaving back and forth in a way that’s both dangerous and makes you look suspicious to passing cops.

I’ve got four other essential tips on how to drive defensively, and I also have plenty to say about other habits you should get into to avoid accidents and enforcement attention. If you get pulled over for speeding, you don’t always have to roll over and take it. At the same time, however, you need to avoid being too disrespectful or confrontational or else the officer who pulled you over will find a way to make you regret your attitude!

Safe driving is important in a nation with many drivers as ours. You may only spend half an hour driving every day for a daily commute, or you may spend hours on the road as part of your job, but every minute you’re behind the wheel of a powerful machine is a minute you need to stay conscious of the rules of the road. That’s why it pays to learn traffic safety tips no matter how old you are, and if you run into trouble anyway it pays to know which online traffic school you should visit in order to get moving again.