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California is a big state. In terms of size, it’s right behind Texas and Alaska, but in terms of population, it’s second to none. Between all the people and all the roads that reach every corner of the state, California is a national leader in the number of accidents, and both San Francisco and Los Angeles rank as some of the least safe cities in terms of driver safety.

With statistics like these, it’s no wonder that California has a relatively low bar when it comes to online traffic schools. They practically need them all to keep up with the number of offenders! However, even if you’re looking for an online traffic school in California and you get overwhelmed with your list of options, you shouldn’t just pick one at random. Just because a traffic school’s certificate is valid in California doesn’t mean that it’s going to offer a pleasant experience.

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The Problem Of Choice

If you get a ticket for a moving violation in California, you may be able to remove it from your record by attending traffic school. Chances are you already know everything a traffic school could teach, especially since it isn’t an option for an especially bad violation, and so attending an in-person or online traffic school in California is nothing more than a way to spend money and time to avoid higher insurance premiums and the possibility of losing your license.

However, even if you don’t want to bother thinking about traffic school any more than you need to, you should at least look around to find a school that can at least make the mandatory time period pass faster than one aching second at a time. No online traffic school in California or elsewhere will ever be able to spice up the course content to the point of making things fun, but if you find yourself getting more enjoyment from counting the hairs on the back of your hand, then you’ve chosen poorly.

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I’m crazy about driving, and I’ve done so professionally both as a certified driving instructor and a long-distance truck driver. That’s why I’ve done the research to find the best online traffic school in California and throughout the rest of the nation, and you can find my results right here at

While I’ve never had to attend a traffic school to clear my record, I’ve gone through several courses in order to see what they have to offer, and that’s not all. I also search for their presence on social media and find out what other people are saying, both through official channels like the Better Business Bureau and through sites like Yelp and Facebook.

Other important factors include things like the price, mobile compatibility, 24/7 customer support (some of the “prove who you are” questions can involve relatives you’ve never met, and you need an alternative you can contact at any time), and whether or not you can experience some or all of their course as a free trial. Many online traffic schools also offer coupons and discounts, and if I find any you can be sure I’ll show you what to do to redeem them in my review.

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Online traffic schools may be the most obvious part of my site, but that’s not all my site has to offer. I also review online drivers ed sites, and my standards for them are much higher since they involve more than just a quick refresher course. I also have plenty of articles in which I share some of the safe driving and ticket avoidance tips I picked up over a lifetime of driving. You won’t learn any of these tips in traffic school or drivers ed!

There are a lot of drivers in California, and many of them are stopped every day for moving violations. Traffic school is an excellent (if boring) way to wipe a ticket off your record and keep your insurance premiums low, but you may regret your decision anyway if you accidentally visit the worst online traffic school in California. By coming to my site first and checking my reviews, you can at least make sure your traffic school experience goes by as quickly as possible.