Online Driving Classes To Get Your Drivers License

Online Driving Classes

The world’s gone digital. So why not driving classes, too?

Driving is something you always have to do in person, and so are the practical driving lessons you need to get through to get a driver’s license, but what about the hours of classroom driver’s ed that come first? What about the traffic school hours you can take to drop points from your license or forgive a traffic violation? You don’t have to sit in a stuffy classroom a few hours at a time to sit through the standardized material, and these days you don’t have to thanks to online driving classes.

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The New Shape Of Traffic School

Not many people get anything out of traffic school. It acts as a refresher course on the rules of the road, but not many people get traffic tickets because they forgot something like how to read a speed limit sign or how right-of-way works. Still, it’s an easy way to improve your driving record, even if it is boring, and so people go to traffic school every year.

However, online driving classes are now available in almost every state. These online courses can’t make the material suddenly interesting, but they do come with quite a few side benefits. In the first place, you can take online driving classes at any time you like and fit them around your schedule instead of the other way around. Online traffic schools can offer videos made in the last ten years, interactive lessons, and even mobile-friendly sites that let you go to traffic school while you’re on the go.

A Different Kind Of Driver’s Ed

A driver’s education course is more important than traffic school, since it involves more hours of instruction and it may be a student’s first time learning all the rules of the road. That’s why driver’s ed is held up to a higher standard than traffic school. Even so, many states now permit online driving classes for first-time drivers.

The stricter standards explain why states are more reluctant to accept online driver’s ed, but it carries all the same benefits as online traffic school when it’s allowed. It also comes with at least one additional positive: kids and teens are generally more engaged with technology than older generations. By making full use of this technology, online driving schools can engage teens more directly and get them to learn traffic laws and regulations better than they would in a stuffy classroom with a teacher who very often doesn’t want to be there.

Top Rated Online Driving Classes

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

Created with Compare Ninja

A Site That Spreads The Word

Once upon a time, I had an idea to create my own online traffic school, but I quickly realized there were already plenty of good sites out there. However, there were also a lot of bad and only passable online traffic schools, too, and although there were online reviews around, there wasn’t a good way to find the very best school out there, especially since not every traffic school is certified to operate in every state.

That’s why I created On my site, you can find reviews of online driving classes, including both traffic schools and driver’s education courses. They may not be very interesting, but then I enjoy driving more than most people. I spent years making a living as a long-haul trucker, and I spent years after that as a commercial license driving instructor. The free CDL training course I helped create is still the most popular on the internet.

I dive into each traffic school’s curriculum to see what they have to offer, and I come out the other side to explain what was good and what wasn’t. I also check a site’s reputation online and with the Better Business Bureau, I check how well they work on a smartphone, and I come back later to see if they’re updating their site to make use of new technology. Sometimes I even find a discount or coupon.

Driver’s ed and traffic school are never going to be exciting classes, but thanks to modern technology, a good course can at least make sitting through online driving classes more tolerable. And while it might not be easy to tell which online school is the best, you can see what I’ve found out at