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For many teens, drivers ed is the single most important class they’ll take in their lives. Of course, all the other classes taken together mean more for college picks, and not everyone goes on to get a driver’s license. Still, unless they live in a major city center, being able to drive is a big boost to any teen’s independence. Since classroom based drivers ed is now turning into online drivers ed, I wanted to create this page to help navigate you through the process.

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Why Take Online Drivers Ed?

Online drivers ed courses can provide students with all the advantages that come with the internet age. These include interactive lessons taught in several different ways at once to maximize retention, a course schedule that can fit around anyone’s available hours, and mobile compatibility that lets teens take their learning anywhere.

These online courses aren’t available in every state, however, and partly that’s because many of them cover the practical lessons, too. For the states where this is the case, this adds another layer of convenience, since the driving instructors will go to the students’ location to start the lesson. But, on the other hand, having this network of qualified driving instructors does make it harder for online drivers ed courses to expand across the country.

How To Find The Best Online Drivers Ed Course

As a former long-haul trucker and a CDL instructor, I have an interest in driving that goes beyond even most car lovers. I managed to maintain a perfect driving record through years of long hours on the road with only myself for company, and even after I retired from that job I didn’t stray too far away from it.

A while ago, I had the idea to start my own online traffic school, but that eventually turned into this site after I realized that nobody was reviewing the sites that were already out there in a way that made it clear which ones were best and which ones were better to avoid. Over time, I also expanded into reviewing online drivers ed courses.

I have strict standards when it comes to traffic schools, but they get even higher when it comes to drivers ed. Even if a student has heard most of it before, drivers ed may be the first and only time some students learn about many of the obscure but still essential rules of the road, which makes it essential to present them clearly, completely, and in a way that every student will understand. So when I say that a drivers ed course is the best, you can trust that it really does help students.

Top Rated Online Drivers Ed Classes

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What Else Provides

My site offers more than just reviews of online traffic schools and drivers ed classes. I also discuss all the driving tips and road etiquette I’ve picked up over the years, the sort of things that never turn up on a standardized lesson plan but are essential knowledge when it comes to safe and consistent driving.

For instance, not everyone learns to look ahead while driving, or they never realize that doing so is essential to staying in their lane and making smooth turns. Defensive driving also means keeping in mind what to do if something happens to a nearby car or truck, and far too many people tailgate because they don’t understand the sort of risk they’re taking by doing so. In the articles and blog posts on my site, I explain all this and more so that anyone of any experience level can improve their driving skill.

So thank you for visiting my site, and whether you’re looking for online drivers ed or traffic school reviews, or whether you’d like some advice from an old hand about how to drive safe and avoid traffic tickets, I hope you find what you’re looking for. I love driving, and I’m always happy to help people make driving a safer, better experience for everyone.