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Driving Classes: Be The Best Driver You Can Be

If you, or someone you know, is preparing to get their driver’s license, you’re likely in the market for driver’s education classes. Picking the right one for you or your child can be tricky, and though there are a myriad of courses available offline at your local DMV or even the child’s school, wouldn’t it be great if those classes could be taken at your own pace, on your own time?

Driver’s ed online offers just that. Now, you may be thinking that online driving courses won’t be as good as the in-class option, and it is true that each has their benefits and setbacks. Here we’ll talk about the four main benefits of taking driver’s ed online, and why they can better benefit you.

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Top Recommended Online Drivers Ed Courses

Here’s a list of our highest rated online drivers ed courses…

Review #1 (TOP PICK): Aceable Online Drivers Ed

Aceable Drivers Ed
While Aceable is one of the newer online drivers ed courses, it is also the best. The online drivers ed industry has been facing a huge problem over the past few years. Back when online drivers ed first became an option, companies spent tons of money developing courses and programs they thought would stay relevant for a long time. The only problem is, technology changes FAST. When online drivers ed courses were first developed, for example, nobody thought you would want to take a course from a cell phone. That’s why Aceable decided to create the newest online drivers ed course. This course was built from the ground up with videos, graphics, animations, and interactive features that work perfectly on every device. The reason it works perfectly on every device is because they developed apps and versions of the course for whatever device you’re using. You can even switch between devices with no problems. So, the bottom line is, Aceable is the most recent, advanced, and most well run online drivers ed course right now.

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Review #2: iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course

5 Star Rating

iDriveSafelyTo date, iDriveSafely is one of my favorite online drivers ed courses. For starters, they have an excellent reputation. They’ve been running online drivers ed programs for well over a decade and have a graduating customer base of about 5 million students as of this writing. In addition to the good things said about them in forums and review sites, they have also maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I also like that they provide both student and parent resources. When a young adult is learning to drive, it should be a combined effort between both teens and parents. The separate parent guide is a big help in that regard. Of course, they have a money back guarantee, 24/7/365 customer support, and offer videos, animations, and interactive games to keep things interesting. This is about as high quality as they come.

Review #2: Improv Traffic School Drivers Ed Program

5 Star Rating

Improv Traffic SchoolImprov Traffic School is my favorite online traffic school and I’m really excited they are now offering online drivers ed programs. Like traffic school, online drivers ed can start to get boring after a while. Learning about driving statistics, how to calculate safe following distances, and learning about traffic signs just isn’t all that engaging. Luckily, the folks from Improv Traffic School are capitalizing on this. A bunch of stand up comedians from the Improv Comedy Club decided to educate through humor and it works wonders. The retention rate when people are laughing and having fun is much higher than when the traditional “serious” (aka: “boring”) approach is used. This school isn’t available in all states yet, but if it’s available in your state, I highly recommend them. Just choose your state from the drop down menu and see if it’s available for you.

Review #3: Online Teen Drivers Ed

4 Star Rating

DriversEd.comHere’s another course that has been around for a really long time. I like sticking with companies that have been around for a while and this was one of the first online schools created. This school recently upgraded all of their videos and animations to give it more of a 3D look and they did a really fantastic job! Like all the other schools I recommend, they also include resources for parents and they’ve got an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. They’ve also gone the extra mile and got TSC Certified as well. Whether you go with iDriveSafely or this one is all about preference and who you think looks better. They are both great options.

Review #4: Teen Driving Course Online

4 Star Rating

Teen Driving CourseI never really liked this course before because it was getting really outdated. I’m happy to say, it just went through a major face lift and it’s much better! I still think iDriveSafely or the Online Teen Drivers Ed courses are much higher quality, but the prices on this one are usually a little lower. Aside from the quality of the course being a bit lower (it’s not quite as interactive), the company is solid with an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau, more than 10 years experience, are TSC Certified, offer a money back guarantee, etc.

Review #5: Driver Ed To Go Teen Driving Course

4 Star Rating

Traffic School To GoHere’s another good option. I don’t think it’s the highest quality of the bunch, but it’s a good one for the budget minded. Of course, the company is rated with an A+ through the Better Business Bureau, they’ve been around more than 10 years, and I’ve had them on my website for 2 years now without a single complaint, and they are TSC Certified. The reason I don’t like them as much is because everything is lower quality. They’ve got the animations, graphics, and videos, but it’s simply lower quality than the iDriveSafely course. However, they are legit and I know a lot of people like to buy based on price. Use the link below to check for current pricing, but chances are, they are the cheapest online drivers education course you’ll find.

Review #6: Safe2Drive Online Drivers Ed

4 Star Rating

safe2drive logo
Your first order of business is to find a stellar driver’s ed course and an A-list driving instructor to provide the best possible training. If you’re up for the task, the best way to ensure your child is in the most capable hands is to make yourself the instructor. That’s right, you can be the instructor, thanks to Safe2Drive’s Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education program. Safe2Drive is operated by Inventrum, LLC, which was founded in 2003 and provides online defensive driving, traffic safety, and driver’s ed courses in 11 states. Safe2Drive’s Texas Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) Course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Reasons To Take Driver’s Ed Online

Here are the top reasons many people prefer to take driver’s ed online…


Whether you’re a parent, student, or someone who’s been court ordered to take a driver’s ed course, you all lead busy lives, and going to a class room isn’t always an easy option to work around. By taking driver’s ed online, you completely negate the inconvenience of making time to go to, or take someone to, a classroom because you can do the course from the comfort of your own home. Most online driving courses allow you to save your progress, take the tests at your own pace, and even re-cover material you may need a little refreshing on. It takes all the stress out of trying to find a ride to the classroom, and can also be a great option for those who aren’t quite ready to hit the road with everyone else.

State Approved

You may be worried that driver’s ed online won’t offer a valid learning experience, and won’t be approved by your state. While it is true that it is still an up and coming method of learning, many states do already consider online driving courses acceptable, and accept the certificate as proof of education when going to get your learner’s permit. This does not apply to all states, however. Be sure that, when looking to enroll in driver’s ed online, you check the requirements set by your state. You’ll also want to do your research on several different websites that offer online driving courses, as not all are created equal, and some may not be accredited by the right authorities. The information you need should always be available on the course’s site, and can be further checked by contacting your state for more details.

Learn At Your Own Pace

We mentioned before that online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, and that’s very important when learning a new skill, or even refreshing your memory to renew old skills. Everyone learns differently, and sometimes it can be difficult to find the right environment to meet your needs. It provides a learning environment free from distractions, as not everyone in a classroom takes the curriculum as seriously as others, resulting in a chaotic and distressing learning environment. With driver’s ed online, you lose the risk of falling behind or worrying that others are picking the skill up better than you are, and can therefore focus on yourself and your studies. You have the ability to take as long as you need on each individual section of the course, and the comfort in knowing you can go back over anything you feel you didn’t quite fully understand the first time. You take the tests when you’re ready, and complete the course at a pace you are comfortable with.

Complete Preparation

As well as covering all the basics of the rules of the road, the responsibility you take on while driving, and the proper road etiquette, you also learn a lot of other things doing driver’s ed online that better prepare you for actually being on the road. Though the courses you find will all be in some form of text, they cover important information on how to interact with your car, other drivers, and all the different weather conditions that can occur. The latter, different weather conditions, is especially important to cover before beginning to drive, as many people aren’t aware of how to properly react when something happens, because they haven’t come across it often, or maybe even at all. Learning the proper movements to make when weather strikes is important, and these courses help to better prepare you for what can happen so you aren’t caught off guard where it matters.