Drivers Ed Online Classes

Drivers Ed Online Classes

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Drivers education is a dull course. There’s really no getting around it. It’s absolutely necessary for any teen looking to get a driver’s license, since teens usually don’t have a complete understanding of the rules of the road, but there isn’t much anyone can do to make those rules exciting. They’re designed to be boring, since excitement on the road tends to cause accidents.

However, there are better ways of experiencing drivers ed than by sitting in a stuffy classroom with an equally bored professor, unappealing homework, and videos that are old enough to vote. “Excitement” might be a foreign word to any drivers ed course, but you can potentially make the time pass faster by taking drivers ed online classes.

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Digital Age Benefits

When you take drivers ed online classes, you get to take advantage of fully integrated teaching methods. This means getting interactive coursework, modern videos and animations, and instant feedback. It means finishing 30 hours of material at your own pace, whether that’s faster or slower than the classroom experience. Many drivers ed online classes also come with 24/7 customer support, so you can always call someone with questions about the course and its content at any time.

Often enough, the practical lessons are performed by the same company, and as an online course this means the driving instructors will come to you instead of the other way around. This does sometimes limit how fast online drivers ed sites can grow, unfortunately, but it does make things very convenient for budding drivers in the states where they’re present.

Digital Age Drawbacks

The single biggest problem with drivers ed online classes is probably the amount of choice at your disposal. Online drivers ed doesn’t have as much competition as online traffic schools thanks to stricter standards and more requirements, but in the states where you can get it, you can find a lot of options and not a lot of ways to tell them apart.

And there can be some big differences between courses: not all of them offer customer support all day every day, not all of them take full advantage of their online, interactive platform. Some may even mislead you by letting you take the course and not informing you that it’s not certified in your state, although that last problem is more likely to happen with an online traffic school.

Digital Age Solutions

For me, driving is much more than a way to get from point A to point B. I’ve spent years as a long-haul trucker, and I’m a certified driving instructor for commercial driver’s licenses. It’s safe to say I care more about driving than most other people!

That’s why I started Some time ago, I noticed there were a lot of online traffic schools out there but few ways to tell the good ones from the bad. There were some reviews out there, but there was no one place you could go to find out their overall records, what services they provided, and how they ranked against each other. Now, thanks to, you can find out all that information and more. I even include some coupons and discounts I found during my research.

Since I started this website, I’ve also expanded into much more than online traffic schools. I’ve also reviewed many drivers ed online classes, including the traditional courses aimed at teens, the courses aimed more at adults, and even a few offline options for parents who homeschool their kids.

I don’t just review what other people create, either. is full of tips and tricks I’ve picked up from the years I’ve spent on the road. The articles on my site will explain what to do when you get pulled over, how to stay respectful to a police officer without saying anything you don’t have to, and how being honest will often get you out of a fine.

No matter what your age is or how long you’ve been driving, I hope you learn something useful while you’re visiting Defensive driving and online driving schools might not be the most interesting of topics, but road safety is important considering the five million reported traffic accidents each year. So while my site is hardly that exciting, you should hopefully agree with me that it’s important.

Top Rated Drivers Ed Online Classes

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