Best Online Driver’s Ed

Best Online Driver’s Ed

It seems like the whole world is going online these days, or at least all the parts of it we can manage. You still have to visit a restaurant in person to eat out (although you can put a photo of your food of Facebook and write a review of it on Yelp), and visiting the store for groceries and clothing is still a better idea than ordering online (but you can sign into the store’s app for instant savings!).

Even schools are starting to get in on the craze, with K-12 classrooms using more computer and mobile device integration and colleges offering entirely online courses. Driver’s ed isn’t getting left out in the cold, either: many states now allow both teenage and adult driving students to take their driver’s ed lessons from an online school instead of sitting in a boring classroom going through the boring 30-hour lesson plan with a bored instructor. An online course doesn’t make driver’s ed exciting, mind you, but it does make it easier to sit through.

However, there’s one question which you’ll probably ask yourself once you start to look through your options: which one is the best online driver’s ed course?

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What Does

When I first came up with the idea of creating my own website, I considered starting an online traffic school, but I soon realized that there were already plenty of good traffic schools out there. However, there were also even more not-so-good traffic school sites, and it was hard to tell them apart.

That’s why I created instead: I go through all the traffic schools and driver’s ed courses I can find and review them. That way I can tell you which are the best online driver’s ed courses and traffic schools available in your state.

Here are some of the top rated courses I would recommend for online drivers ed…

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Why You Can Trust My Opinion

I love driving, probably more than I really should. I was a long-haul trucker for years, I’m still a licensed CDL driving instructor, and a while ago I helped create the most popular CDL training program on the internet. And for all the years I’ve spent out on the road, I’ve maintained a perfect driving record.

Aside from that, you also shouldn’t worry that I’m secretly a shill for one company or another. All the money I get from this site comes from ad revenue (and as such, I’d appreciate if you could give one of them a click!).

So between my expertise and my objective point of view, you can rest easy knowing that when I say a site is the best online driver’s ed program I’ve come across, it really is the best online driver’s ed program out there. And if I haven’t reviewed your personal favorite site, feel free to contact me and let me know what I’m missing.

What Else The Site Offers is primarily here to offer online traffic school and driver’s ed reviews, but that’s not all you can find on the site. I also offer tips and tricks on how to drive safely and how best to avoid and fight traffic tickets. I picked up a lot of practical knowledge during my time as a professional driver and driving instructor, the kind of knowledge that doesn’t come up in a standard driver’s ed lesson plan, and some of my tips may just save your life (or at least your license).

For instance, teens who visit my site to find the best online driver’s ed course in their state should also check out my section on teen driving tips. I have articles on everything from how to pass your driving test to how to stay safe as a beginner.

For instance, it’s just as dangerous to be too nervous as it is to be too confident, because in both cases you’ll be too focused on your emotions to keep track of everything around you. And while you shouldn’t tailgate, you should get used to others tailgating you. The traffic cop who pulls you over isn’t going to care that you let the driver behind you decide your speed.

So whether you’re looking for the best online driver’s ed site that’s licensed in your state or the kinds of tips they don’t teach in school, has you covered. I’ve learned a lot about driving and driver’s ed over the years, and this site is my opportunity to share the wealth.